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Christina Milian - You Never

feat. Jermaine Dupri, Ludacris

[Intro: J.D.]
You ain't ever, ever met nobody like me, me huh
You know like I know, you ain't ever, ever met nobody like me huh

[Chorus: Christina Milian (J.D.)]
You never met a girl like me (uh huh)
I ain't gon' sweat you on the places you'll be (uh huh)
Who you run with, who you're havin' fun with (uh huh, uh huh)
That's how it is when you got a down lil' chick on ya team
You never met a girl like me
I ain't gon' sweat you on the places you'll be
Who you run with, who you're havin' fun with
That's how it is when you got a down lil' chick on ya team

[Verse 1: Christina Milian (J.D.)]
I might pick you up in the mornin' & cook for ya (uh)
If you havin' problems with a song I'll write a hook for ya (uh huh, uh!)
11:30 at night, I ain't gonna look for ya, look for ya
'Cause I know you comin' home with me-ee! (yeah, yeah)
I will never stress you or make you feel mislead (uh)
If you wanna go to the movies I'll flip ya instead
You don't pick on me, I flip this with my bread, my bread
'Cause you my money ain't a thi-ing, thi-ing! (uh huh uh, uh huh uh)

[Chorus: Christina Milian (J.D.)] [w/ minor variations)]

[Verse 2: Christina Milian (J.D.)]
Now if you tryna be out to the party I'll let you go (uh)
If you wanna be out with somebody that's when I'll (uh) show (uh, uh)
You do as you please, 'cause baby that's how you know that
There's no other place I'd rather go-o! (uh, uh, uh)
I ain't tryna be sinnin', bitin' up on yo' back
Anytime you need me you know that I'm gettin' yo' back
Ain't no one like me (uh huh), I want you to know that, know that
I ain't changin' nothin' 'cause it's like that (let's go), like that

[Verse 2: Christina Milian]
I know you're used to lovers (lovers)
That treat you like ya mother
So I know it's hard to understand
When I say I'm ya girl but I'm like yo' man! (uh huh)
No matter if it's sweet talk or straight talk
I'm right here by yo' side
& soon you'll come to see how it is to be
Down with a chick like me-ee-e! Oh-oh-oooh! (uh huh, uh)

[Chorus: Christina Milian (J.D.)] [w/ minor variations]

[Verse 3: Ludacris (J.D.)]
Sippin' on nothin' but Vulve with the orange label
Hershey's syrup from yo' lips to yo' naval
Head comin' off the table, I'm willin' & able
& I'm turnin' off the basic cable, I'm basically stable
Plus my back's THAT strong
I'll stretch ya whole body out 'cause my 'Lac's that long
You don't complain about the smoke when I pass that bong
You wobble & wobble, I bought you shoes by Ferragamo
& when we hit the sack, I feel like I hit the Lotto
Or Fantasy 5, straight box, can it be tied?
Can it be live? BELIEVE if the family's tied
You know my tongue's got batteries in it
The bedroom we lose calories in it & raise salaries in it
A Viper to Jag
I'm wipin' you down with warm rags
After a shakin' body, best in Jamaica probably
Hangin' with you's a hobby
& it's no doubts about it
You ain't gotta hit the club to see if you still got it

[Chorus x2 1/2: Christina Milian (J.D.)] [ w/ minor variations]

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