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Chromeo - 100%

[Verse 1]
Something to say
When you're so far away
And everything flies right by like a dream

You're stuck in your tracks
There's no turning back
I wish I could hold you close inside of me

[Chorus] x2
Girl if it's alright
A hundred percent
It's intellectual, I wanna let you know
I won't let you go, until you say, "Please"

[Verse 2]
How could you forget
The way that we met?
The street corner lights on fire like a dream

And since you been gone
It's been to each his own now
We'll never be side by side, or so it seems

[Chorus] x4

A hundred percent

You and I
Baby we go side by side
Me and you
Tell me what we're gonna do (x3)

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