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Chuckie A. - My Heart

[Verse 1:]
See I Still Remember Baby Wen I Picked U From The Lot
N I Knew It Wen I Grabbed U That Ud Always Have My Heart
N I Told U From The Start I Would Neva Let Noone Hurt U
I Couldnt Wait To Get U Home Time To Bust N Work U
First Time I Pulled U Back, Baby U Was Kinda Tight
But Its All Good Wen We Worked It Every Single Night Haha
U Were Da Quiet Type Wenever We Rolled
But Wen Things Got Out Of Hand U Was Ready To Explode
N I Loved U Baby Even Lented U Around
Just To Show All My Homies How My Baby Gets Down
N U Never Got Jelous Wen I Brang New Bitchs To Play
Cuz After I Bust I Threw Those Bitchs Away
No Other Bitchs Could Stay Or Share The Love That We Had
Cuz U Kept Me Alive Through All The Times That Were Bad
N Believe Me Baby Nobody In This Fucking World
Could Ever Take Ur Place At My Side, U My Girl Bang


[Verse 2:]
See My Little Little Baby Dont U Kno U Drive Me Crazy
All Over The Fuckin Hood Everybody Kno U My Lady
N Even Though Bitchs Hate Me U Stand Up N Fire Back
Dese Bitchs Aint Shit Dats Y Dey Run Wen We Attack
N Da Police Always Tryin To Break Our Perfect Team Apart
Dats Y Sometimes I Leave U At Home Or In The Dark
N U Always Understand U Kno Im Always Comin Home
Rest Ur Head Under The Pillow Or The Cuboard Near The Phone
Ur The First Thing I Touch Wen I Wake Up In The Morning
U Make Me Feel Excited Wen Im Still Up Yawning
But Baby Listen U Kno We Cant Ride No More
Still Remember That Day They Threw U Straight On To The Floor
They Broke Down Our Door, Told Us Not To Make A Move
We Coulda Died Together But Instead We Had To Lose
N I Regret It Baby U Saw The Tear From My Eye
Now I Gotta Get A New Gun Hah Goodbye

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