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Chuckie A. - Those Days

[Verse 1:]
Free fine
Yo, I remember those days
When my name rang bells
In december for christmas I'd alway bang shells
The mentality of not really giving a fuck
And if I never worned and I never gave up
Reminising all the time that I'd hang through the night
The days of not caring if I was wrong or right
The days of being free, I was borned to race hell
And when I was scored, I'd always get bailed
See ya, things changed from those days in the past
Now life is more serious, no time to laugh
And the friends that I knew slowly drifted apart
Rap became a life now it's breaking my heart
It used to be the reason that I woke up in the morning
To see another day where my music kept be sold in
But now I don't know how to do this anymore
So goodbye to the past now I gotta close the door

I remember now
Those days we used to have our thoughts of god
I remember now
Now everything in our life is going wrong
Cause I remember now
And now were living a life where we don't get along
I remember now
We trying to pull through this before all lar

[Verse 2:]
I remember those days when I first came out
Everybody was like you more dirty than the south
There wasn't even a time you caught me without the rapping
Everywhere I went there was always peoples clapping
Time would change, I've grown deep in the hood
Always making money I was up to no good
I remember that night when spear rammed through the block
And then the drive-by, when Shamile got shot
A few ones past, I lost track of the time
I touched my first dad in the years of 99
I remember that year, from the murder and tears
Another homie dropped, we pulled liquors and beers
It was at the time we stopped believing in the bible
The only thing that mattered was money and survival
Above things changed for the better or worse
One thing I won't forget is the past cause it hurts


[Verse 3: Buck]
The older we get, the more that's got to be said
Then why we getting older but we fucked up in the head
Then we put in any efforts to look for better days
But when we struggling in life we think a different way
Sometimes it never pays, get mad to someones grave
We looking for a witness where the bloody body lays
Case closed that's how it is, man we miss being a team
The only time we'd share is when I see you in my dreams
I never thought our love for you would ever end this way
Everday we prayed for you until that special day
Then I won't see you again, memories will never fade
Don't play me for the ben must take a shoulden of me
You always looked out for me, stayed when nobody stayed
The gifts that you have got me, still waiting to my days
I wanna pay you back for all the times you had my back
But today we need to get, give up respect to that


Yea, I'd like to take this moment, to remember the forgotten
Rest in peace The Hung
Rest in peace (uninteligible word) Davie
Rest in peace too O-J
Rest in peace too Smokey
Rest in peace too Christine (uninteligible name)
Rest in peace too Chrissy

Damn man, Rest in peace too
Duke, Frank Ton, Jason, Gryme
I'm waiting
And everybody else
That was taken from us at an early age
You'll never be forgotten

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