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Ciara - Crazy

[Verse 1:]
Itz Time To Make A Difference I Know Itz Bad But Now Im Feelin Like I Need Him In My Life I Dont Wanna Leave Him Cuz Hes Ma Best Friend && With,Without Him I Cant See Him
People Said It Wouldnt Work But I End Up Gettin Hurt But What Do They Kno Because He's My Man.I Dont Care What People Say Cuz Dis 1s Good To Me && I Dont Want Him To Leave

Itz Crazy Tell Me How Come Sumthing I Really Want Something I Love Iz So Ad For Me I Cant Explain It,Itz Just Like A Bad Habit I Cant Shake It.So Crazy,Crazy,Crazy.I Cant Believe It How I Need Him He Makes A Difference Yall Im Trippin.Itz Crazy Dont Know Which Way To Go Cant Let Him Go Even Though I Know He Aint The One For Me

[Verse 2:]
Stay In Som Drama Can I Take Him Home To Mama Ima B Honest He A Cold Player.Flirts With Evry Gurl That He Meets How He Do That To Me How To Make A Night Better So Charmin && Clever He Can Get Forever He Asked Me For Im Talkin Bout Somethin I Cant Do Without I Cant Find The Strenght To Leave Cuz Hes Good To Me && I Dont Want Him To Leave


Gotta Kiss Once More Cuz Hell Probbly Break My Heart But Hes The Best Thing In A While Thats Ever Happened To Meeeee Hey I Dont Care What Other People Say Your Loves Here To Come My Way Im Hopin That It Stays Right Here With Me Itz So Crazy

[Chorus X2]

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