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Cilvaringz - Damascus

Aiyo, Allah clapped us under, RZA know what's flaming
Snake me off, with great thoughts, and the knowledge
Which ya'll brought to bring forth
I used to fight the cash alot, and crackle alot
Jamel Irief cocked the 'volve, but it's the fiend who shot
The wise eye is my tongue carved in a golden emblem
Off the highest and works written, millions I fought the labyrim
You see my kin bear my the scars of Nat King
You mad seeing the plain wolf in Klan gear, myth 15
Fifty five, and stealth over blow it
But he showed the love, his kin never showed, and so the Beez noticed
Yes, America has lowered down the silver standards
Home of the bandage, brutal, rebel, impressionists
But see my sword of sin, fierce through the masters
Breaking the seal of both, I roast, object the classics
Allah sees son, I speak to guys two-for-me
Like Dom P, son, I terrorize truthfully
Now my bio, be long, A-bomb, and queen Esther
Which ya'll pinned down in chapters, with my Mariam Webster
Godding you, reclaim United States army loot
And carving two in the rock, of Bob Marley truth
Proof my foot, and stomping on the path of tyrants
Strangling the pythons, with they eerie sounds of pipers
We slither through the fields of Cyprus, and the center
As defenders of the 36 Chambers, you wanna enter
Like Honolulu ninjas, like you and dog in Denmark
We lamp in tent park, chessbox, playing harps
With my equality, check a Wallabee shine, boo
But look and do not touch, and Allah will be kind, true
Merciful as always, moving a sore base
To overthrow the palace, for God's king of my swordplay
But be the weapon of design, mind, be kind
And the foreplay will take place in South Sukai
On a far misty mountain hill, ice be sharp
For you to be, one with God, and able to shoot darts
Cuz True Master pull strings on a flaming harp
I fight theories that switch man with ape of God
And when my lines pierce through mind, it's engraved in art
It shall deliver all my people to the lathing arts, so, please
Challenge among the ears of blissful gardens
And fertile grounds for harvest, admist the starving on and
Acknowledge this, cuz tolerance cramped like hours get
Snuff literally, but they deprive the world oxygen
At birth possibly, you were told improperly
Raised to give praise, the stone image is monument
We stray far from the path, in this document
But surely Wu-Tang, will teach in all continents
In all languages, we civilize the savages
Like Bush capitalists, and rich by devils practices

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