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Cilvaringz - Dart Tournament (Original Version)

feat. Killa Sin, Blue Raspberry

[Intro: Blue Raspberry]
Ladies and gentlemen
Live from the universal grains of Shaolin
The Wu-Tang Killa Bee Dart Tournament
Featuring Cilvaringz and Killa Sin

Remember Brasshead? Put the copper in charge
Niggas be ducking iron darts like Anthony Starks
I come, smashing cats in the head with a pah - what?
Lyrics sharp enough to cut your balls off like Dutch Schultz
Spark a honey, get blown, with twenty thousand volts
And Tony rock your arm, his little son'll rovolt
With the rock, non-stop, like 12 O'Clock, you confronted with
A game and flame, a battle throwin' shuttlecock
In front ya deadly, I chop necks like vermicelli
My samurai katina fire just like the banely
Quality swords, my niggas swing the bathless
Deluxe foam touch, destruct your leather back with the vat, ho
Slice ya throat, clinch with a croak
Debilitated, crashed out, brother, you broke
Finesse, Crane or the Tiger, Clan Killa Bee
You fuck with me, you on their ears like the loop of Criminology
So what you got, Killa?

[Killa Sin:]
Killa's loco, vocals hold you hostage
Gothic, size out live shit, catch a wise quick, focus
We stone fist explosive, load 'em like fo'-fifths
To roast clicks, ferocious as Ro bitch, with no cinch
My thoughts so dense they form mist
I swarm quicker than norm, Bee stingers stay dipped in corn liquor
Warn niggaz from the last time, past time hobby be
Robbin niggaz in they lobby, G, come out ya Wallabees
Fifty-six penny-weight chain limit the policy
Modernize crime comodity, now let me get mine
I bang with the shadiest kind, crazy three-eighties
And baby nines, sip the crime, pay me mine every time
Heavy shine, fuck a nine, to half a dime
Nigga grab a mastermind rhyme, before I have to blast my nine
So I keep it on the low key, like P. Bobby O.G.
Johnson, the monster that'll conquer your sponsor, uh

[Interlude: Blue Raspberry]
It's the invincible, indestructable
Amazing, undisputed, from the grains of Shaolin
Wu-Tang Killa Bees

[Blue Raspberry:]
Wu-Tang, we done it again
Wu-Tang, Cilvaringz and Killa Sin
They ain't ready for this, nah, ain't ready for this
Blue Ras, back on the scene, killing shit
You can't handle it, the wannabees out there
Trying to bite our shit, no, no, no, no...
They can't even come close, we're the best from coast to coast
The Clan is too thick and we international...
International... ohhhhhhh

[Outro: Blue Raspberry]
Low down grimey style
Wu-Tang, from the universal grains of Shaolin

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