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Cilvaringz - Elephant Juice

feat. Michele van der Aa, RZA

[Chorus: Michele van der Aa]
Love, try and find
As many ways, to, keep you blind
Cry, all your grieves
I'm, here, now

Yo, so Mohammad through Dio, and the Dutch lost it
They claimed freedom of speech, I claim freedom of assaulting
Freedom of discrimination, so we revolting
Against the ignorant of nature, dog, shit is danger
We still caught in the slur, showing off bling
Beyonce's in videos, in fur, gone for disturbed
Rich cute and rich, Madonna switch religion
From Christ lover to Christ - shhh
And killers of Palestinians, are visited
Israel, and then gave support for tourism
More wisdom, but until we are free
No peace will come soon in Telaviv
The capital of world wide fear, you hear
And if you can, don't be scared of the man with the long beard
You scared of that man killing kids over there
Shut hung, that's a 9/11 nightmare


So fuck you Madonna, fuck you Tom Cruise
DeNiro, Bruce Willis, and Bobby, Whitney and Britney
Fuck you Subliminal, and Remedy and enemies
Of the truth, flyest Lebanese
You fucking thieves, you stole Anna's trip to snake you
Now you banking Arabian dishes in your kitchens
Claiming, the shit is yours, now get the fuck outta here
Ya'll bogus, I put that on O.D.B.
Councilmen got CD plates on they Benzes
While they soldiers is out in the trenches
So I keep boxing, I keep fighting til exposed
Rachel Currie and the poet Soulsonic Johnson
But at they own, damn personal choice
People around it go check for British tabloids
And Hollywood gossip, the truth is out the closet
Them red states, insupportible to policies by Bush


[Interlude: RZA]
They say death is unavoidable
I say the soul is indestructable

Shit is real, son, we stuff our animals in cages
And call them zoo's, to satisfy our own views
And bling diamonds, on some "fuck them Africans, yo"
We iced out, my nigga, straight up, fuck them Africans
Now America's, they love us, that's why they send troops
We love them back, and so we send issue
Falcons to shoot down the helicopters
Flying overhead to pride us, and pop us from North Nevada lulu
You mortified the you-do and the breast
Gonna find the truth and more to cop a new-new when you stressed
Plus you celebrating Thanksgiving?
Celebrating how you killed off those poor Native Indians?
That's why we bust back, at those that bust at the truth
And if it's love, it's Elephant Juice
You know what Elephant Juice is?
Watch people say those words, without sound and watch they lip movements
It's fake love, like snake hugs
Come on, son, it's time to wake up


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