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Cilvaringz - Gold Bell Cover

[Sample: x5]
Baby, can't you tell that I'm going through hell

Yo, aiyo my rap sounds for the samples, the sword enforcement
Program the tape, measures are involved in the mind
Worldwide, produce the scars
And know we've lost some protection against mine abuse
The souls of all things, and the equivalent to the supreme ultimate
The source from substance of reality
But it's function can only be, manifested through the being
So I rape on tunes, and Razor Sharp calibur
Wu-Tang is my tool, that's my motherfuckin' tongue
Clan be the monks united, to colaborate on the production
Of fist, book and life
Wu historian's philosophers and deboligists
Writing documents on known to nation, wycoligists
I provide you with a matrix, of many topics
Always knowledge, what's the knowledge, do the knowledge

[Chorus x2: Cilvaringz w/ samplee]
Translated, fight with your fucking mind
Physical words for the dumb, deaf and blind
It's time that we see the seventh sign
The mind is the sword, and Gold Bell Cover is the style

Many people claim yours was self development
Their intelligence, lays in the hand of an element
That's evil, try to comprehend, every death
Natural and criminal, it was all heaven sent
The drop of mercy, reminds me of a quotee
It was a line of base nine from a book that I wrote
My visional, silent assassination, as the made to blast
And through, wifey's bitchin', and silent razor busts
The false condition of promises, for our nations
Got me dealing with confidenetal communication
My religion is salvation, we raise a Cyrus
Take you to my cypher's fast, like Hezekiah
Niggas get up in the mental jungle
To start digging up my deep ends, by using golden shovels
Cause knowledge reigns, wisdom pays for infinity
These raps see the lack of mental statues of liberty

[Chorus x2: w/ sample]

[Sample x2]

Eternity's the patience, of a creation
To walk down a pavement, reaching the end
Answers and questions, on how to devastate the character
And risen from Satan, so stop all the hating
Eliminate sin, total extermination of all evil
All the racial homosapians, just went back to history and stop the birth of hatred
Son, you will never make it, cause many choose to read
To heart and study scriptures, fail to see
Satan breathes love in all forms of existence
And that's word of a general, G.O.D.
Fights must fought mentally instead of physically
God build a prison, me and mine, for you to set it free
And prison is the entity, I teach you mentally
RZA made The Cure for the next century
Teach you a listen, like Lizard did Centipede
I could only know, never speculate
As seven billion people celebrate, Gold Bell Cover day

[Chorus x3]

[Sample x4]

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