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Cilvaringz - Razasharp

[Intro: Cilvaringz]
Put that shit on, word up
Wu-Tang Killa Beez from overseas, we've been waiting for years
Now it's time for laughter, fuck Tearz, Shaolin Worldwide
Protect Ya Neck son
Cilvaringz from the 37th Chamber

I'm Swinging Swords like 40 RZAvoir Dogs
Chopping domes from Los Angeles to cities like Rome
I am the sickest since Braud Big Lis, a-yo my Black Fist of war
Got me standing upon the Killah Hills like a tore
Cipher 9 means that I stand without a floor
Death is par for the fight against the Razor Sharp God
Overseas Killa Beez on some Shaolin street talk
Swift the lost knight enforced attacks with iron pitchforks
A valid pilgrimage with Guillotine scriptures
I'm so sharp I cut my fingers with my own lyrics
Whoever dares to cross Cilvaringz like Christians
The God, I mastered the shadow pugilism
Coming through with Faster Blades, born with Casper's face
Much quicker then when 60 Sec Assassinates
My slang kills, so chill God Buffalo Bill contradicts
When I elaborate sharp shit
I throw darts of conquest, I wake you up like stakes in your fucking chest
Nevertheless, my swords invest and makes niggaz
With no vocal cords sing their ass off like Don Rodriquez
Heard by the deaf and felt by the numb
Warriors submit with honor to a duel with my tongue
My knowledge be based on the fine arts of
Martial darts and verbal chopinoligy, no apology
Chop your neck the fuck, what?! Crash Your Crew
And buck you twice like Shamied from 2.1.2.
You in a Kist shattered by the Cilva speech
Killed with ease like herpes in the seventies
Sharp like a razor, it's Razor Sharp
Kill you with a 36 Chamber, chamber dart
Able to carve rocks and granite stones
Fuck fables domes really get chopped off
See darts come from the tongue
Ring is one out of many Shaolin monks Swinging Swords in 2001
Swarm Volume II Killa B-Ch'ing
Featuring Gods and Earths of poor and righteous teaching
Ceasing ignorance by seeking holes through which the knowledge's leaking
Recover damage with verbal teachings
Achieving light means more to me than 5 mics
I shock niggaz' brains out with styles like Anti-Christ
Motherfuckers bloodsuckers of the poor
I'm sharp like the 9th floor, kill like 10304
Understanding is enormous, my sword's like Ax winds
It chops men, preconceived form of the swarm and Shadowboxin
Entering the industry like phone checks in prison
Spit a fly dart hit the bull's eye
The Killa Bee Cilvaringz, I do this cause
Your thoughts are lost like Rae's killer tape on 36
Slicing brains with the razors
For ages, people used my tongue to shave their faces
The doors of my chambers open on sharp joints
Plus my anger will attack your vital pressure points
Severe Punishment when I crash shit like Derby
Protect Ya Neck from the razor in my mouth like Birdie
Hydra-headed physicals, we advance as one
One mouth of the Shaolin monk with several tongues
So let it be written, so let it be done
Wu-Tang Killa Beez on the swarm you've been stung

Dedicated to the fans
Now go see a hospital...

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