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Cilvaringz - The Oldest Chamber

All praise to the family up in the front
Assimilate my knowledge in the temple of the monk
You see the old slums, devoured tongues hung
Nailed to the stone bricks build on civil war blood
We the civilised ones and songs we hum
Before you journey, you gotta know where you from
I teach you mug fans from a brother to brother
My chamber, reversed it, the raw shit, one hundred
Four million need to stay in captivation
Some [?] goes beyond renovation
I splash Wu God inside your thoughts
The dragon signed for life, but God spoke modern, this is divine
Must refine our creation, the old chambers
Fulfil the needs of the diehard nation
We share relationships much closer than you think
The saga must continue is the only way to live

[Chorus: Cilvaringz]
Welcome to the Old Chamber, exhibit one
The stones bricks build on civil war blood
Welcome to the Old Chamber, exhibit two
And now your blade engraved with a thousand W's

The last of many wins, construct the dying faith
In the 36th precinct, that [?] bridge
The bridge of saturation, many question why?
And begged me to guide them to the common explanations
Sword knowledge in me, preachin' the words
The pain must relate to their Gods and Earths
Classifying classics and Razasharp terms
Sayin' Meth, GZA, Ghostface, the Chef and Dirt
Those albums where the fuckin' sharpest
Of course Enter but after Wu-Forever, they got a bit concerned
Those shinin' weapons burn niggas physically
Mentally, originality battle history
Killa Bee, comparable to sweet universities
Witty Unpredictable, cooperative family
So when Bobby brought the ruckus Digital
Many lost their respect for comin' through original

[Chorus: Cilvaringz]
Yo, welcome to the Old Chamber, exhibit three
Ten highs in each corner, home of the Killa Bee
Welcome to the Old Chamber, exhibit four
A picture of our loss, swingin' the Shaolin sword

Many said the Fam was losin' touch, were losin' fuck
But people think to a certain limit then they're stuck
Said the Clan was like low man in the iron cold
But when I asked Bobby, he said as I quote
"We done all that raw shit so why do it over
It's build up of slangers, snakes did the same
From the slang to the Clarks, to the beats to the darts
The Wu-Tang heart fell victim to the sharp
Half the industry bit our shit, it's pollution
In order to refine they started stealin' Wu shit
Too many shark niggas on some jackin' bullshit
So my Digi shit, will be the Wu revolution"
Twenty said we winnin', eighty said we losin'
Over weighed my drop so I must reintroduce it
Since my saga must begin I come with execution
Make you [?] and slave into my music

[Chorus: Cilvaringz]
Welcome to the Old Chamber, exhibit five
It's Rakeem Allah and the flood he survived
Welcome to the Old Chamber, exhibit six
The Killer B-Ching on compact disc, bitch

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