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Cilvaringz - The Weeping Tiger

feat. hostface Killah, Raekwon, RZA, Senna

[Intro: Ghostface Killah (Raekwon) {RZA}]
Yeah, what's up, aiyo, check this out, ya'll
This is Cilvaringz, and this your boy Ghostface
We about to pop the shit off right, that's right, daddy
Let the beat drop (what is the total population of the original nation
Aiyo, here in the wilderness of North America and all over the planet Earth,
{Aiyo, Ringz, set up on these niggas, death rate, blow his fucking brains off!}
(It's us, man, for real, live from the jungle
Where everything is real, guard your steel, hold your bitch down
Pay for your muthafucking bills, rock your hat)
{All swords shall be drawn}

Yo, straight out the iron gates of Palestine's frame of thought
Slanging with a rock, stay nice with the mic pon cock
Pops put me on to pot, pot put me on to rebel shots
Devil glocks get popped, dumb-diddy-dumb
I saw him school fast, how to skip the class
While my grades kept, flying through the roof, cheating math
Running back to class fast, went missing, fucking teachers up
Weeded up, I'm on the 12 o'clock news, screaming 'what'
Rapper Cilvaringz signed deals with Wu-Tang
And blows mega two grand, the show, dumb-diddy-dumb
Moon to Angelow, but soon we in to fold the dough
Fifty countries in the box, Amsterdam to Tokyo
I guess they never wanted me to rot and get paid
The same ways they got paid, working twenty two days
Bloody money makes the world spin in new ways
A cue'll never hit that, so that's shit on you, say

I sat around the older gods, while they build bomb niggas up
Felt like Saddam tapping on my head, listen up
Get your money, get brains and big niggas up
Swiss look forward to millions, nigga, live shit up
I sat back in my zone, bone lit
I get your throne lit, niggas I loaned, they ain't gave me shit
Fuck that family shit, you don't see us
It's for no reason, I'm in the crib, wifey saying 'be easy'
I'm all high on my emotion, money make me wanna grab toasters
Spray down Wall Street, put up posters
Yelling 'faggot, I'm back', you can't take nothing from the kid
I'm still getting money, I'm stacked
Gold album for the peso, rap Julio Inglesio
Sniff the eighth in your face, and stay lacey
On my ear game, popping in my gear game, fear fame
Rearrange your jaw, fasten now you hear trains
Test an immortal, call 'em, I'm in the hallway hitting raw autumn
Meet me in the lobby, nigga, see my daughter
And she gon' spray for her dad, call her brother later
Get that money out the wall, daddy got bagged
I'm going to jail, for something real, can't do me nothing
Still can't compare me to no rap nigga, fuck a deal
I get to hurting, niggas murking on niggas
It's just a network, I come from, Ringz, now, kid reveal 'em

[Chorus: Senna]
Oh no, it's the Wu-Tang, they back and
Oh no, Beez on the Swarm, attacking
Oh no, just when the world looks back
The word we speak up on the mic, we speak when it's right
Oh no, homicide's won't corrupt us
Oh no, and just as we shall discuss
Oh no, in God and only God we trust
Newest addition to the Wu-Tang Killa Bee Gang, Cilvaringz
Cilvaringz, Cilvaringz, Cilvaringz...

[Outro: Ghostface Killah (Raekwon)]
Yeah, that's right, like I told ya'll before
This is big Ghost in effect, yo Cilvaringz
You know how we get down, niggas killing it
We Wu'd out, wallabee'd out, everything is all real
Just keep that shit up, no doubt, cuz we ain't going nowhere
Cilvaringz, big Ghost in effect, I'm signing off, nigga, we out, one
(Live Moroccan muslim, you know how it go...)

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