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Crime Mob - Rock Yo Hips (Remix)

feat. Rasheeda & Young Dro

I like it when she
Rock her hips then wave and sip
She rock her hips then wave and sip
She rock her hips
She rock her hips
She rock her hips then
Wave and sip

Shawty rockin her hips and shakin her tailfeather
Workin that pole 10 thousand bills later I asked
Shawty do she feel me on the base line she bounced that ass like she lost her got damn mind
But me a playa laid back that's a fact
Straight ice no yak real nigga maniac
Now shawty bounced it like that like this
Like everythang the base and she droppin that shit

It's the same 32 flavors but sweeter than sweet potatoes new haters but bigga paper so case of honey dip Jolly ranchers on my feet and starburst off in my wrist reese's pieces neckalace everytime u see this chick look i make it wobble my peach cobbler make u slobber break a nigga out of dollars if he try to holla so now u know when im rockin on the dance flo' i might just take yo' man hoe take it like a man hoe


Hay booty hood chick Georgia peach caramel fine as hell can i touch it u work that shit well tryin tease take my number hit me up like later on i know u gettin to the money that yo hustle well then get it on lookin great with them stilletos hill shoes with that coke bottle shape and just make a nigga choose ooh ooh shawty u
make it jiggle make it clap with that boe in yo legs im over welmed by all of that

I rock my hips when the song on u know yo girl Rasheeda get poppin like some popcon' see im sweeter than a watermelon blow pop then make it hurricane everytime i pop and drop it see ima boss ima bad chick i can lock yo' nigga down like a convict see i talke alot of shit but i can back it sexy when i rock my hips and the tatated up


[Young Dro:]
Cause im hot got damn it my roof taliramick bitches in the car tryin to make me out a sandwich hay the way she pop and roll i was like damn it mouth work so good man shawty need (?) and the bitches they mark me bitch is ferrari i got all the hoes like mike lari yall meen tire yall team liars drizzle in the building yall seen fire


Fustration popin rockin slow breakin pockets got the dough just give me one chance to take ya man u better keep him close uh-uh don't think about it go with the flow i got yo back drop to the flo' bring it up like that Princess back and pockets fat ain't nothin change still glamorous and top notch ridin still and won't stop so sit back while i rock gettin paid while i pop shinin cuase im always hypnotized the kid excited Princess A-town's finest


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