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Crime Mob - Stillettos (Pumps)

[Killa C:] yeah, play dey shit..

Stiletto pumps, in da club (yeah),
Stilettos pumps, in da club (yeah)
Get crunk

Homegirl, Bow down when you see me,
Because i'm coming up fresh,
Right with tha realest, ya feel this?
So you should call me tha best,
I can look jazzy, act nasty wit my stiletto heels on,
But if a ho steps up 'n try me
den her hair will get thrown,
I'm turnin heads from left to right,
Soon as you see one foot step out the car,
Strollin through the club,
Then i make my way right by the bar,
Yeah yo nigga eyein me,
I'll take him from you so watch out..
I'm look'n jazzy,act'n classy, but i got a sassy mouth,
Hair is done, and nails are too,
And I'm matched from head to toe,
And ta top it off, I'm rockin 6 inch black stilettos ho,
Different color everyday,
Thats just to match tha mood I'm in,
Silver, red, grey and black,
Look'n this good should be a sin..

Stiletto pumps, in the club,
Whoeva thought that these girls would get crunk,
Stiletto pumps, in tha club,
Whoeva thought that these girls would get crunk
We rockin stilettos ho [x8]

[Miss Aisha:]
Stiletto's on my feet
I'm sexy wit a mug,
I'm buck'n on ya'll hataz just to see if ya'll crunk
We swangin, throwin bows,
Cause ya'll boyz thought we soft,
I'm knockin heads off,
I'm da baddest of dem all,
Makin niggas fall,
They fightin and tustlin,
Club owna scared that the girls might start bustin,
We crunk and we thuggin,
We take'n it public,
This if for the girls in the trap steady hustlin


I know you want a second look,
But pictures, is that necessary?
Diamond be ma name and by da looks girl you aint even ready,
Wit ma dickies 2 pieced,
And my hair cocked to the otha side,
Pink and white interior inside ma drop top chevy ride,
Killin all these hatas, cause they know i got stilettos on,
Yo nigga tried ta holla, but the pimpin here is way too strong,
I'm known fa breakin pockets, i can walk it like i talk it,
Got some prada in ma closet cant no hata help but stop it,
I'ma put this shit up on tha map, cause ATL is where i be,
I got ma girl aisha and the princess on a shop'n spree
I'ma get 'em fo' they goodies and gettin richer aint no pitty,
I'm the reason why they heard it,
I'm tha baddest in the city....
Yeah ho...


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