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Devante - Gin & Juice

feat. Static (of the Bassment)

Yeah, ha ha, this be boss player cat daddy DeVante back up here with one
more yeah, kickin' that ol' fly fresh shit for all you motherfuckers.

[DeVante singing:]
I won't be wrong, do you right
And you can roll with me for the rest of the night
No need to fuss, cause I don't wanna choke
Baby sit back here and let the chronic smoke

So hand around, and give it up, cause all the real G's
Know what I'm thinking of, cause you gotta be down
So give it up, there's a party over here
So baby show me love, cause I got the gin & juice (yeah you know that)
I got the gin & juice (yeah you know that you know that)

[DeVante rapping:]
So I be's blowin' mad smoke through your ear
Cause I be's the flavor of the motherfuckin' year
So nigga sit your ugly ass down and drink a beer
Cause the doe be rockin' shit for the year
Now if your ready for the fun, then baby I won't front
Cause I keep a stash of smoke for month to month
I got Playa, I got Suga, I got Jodeci
All the niggas down with this check it (yeah)
How we do baby (cause I got the gin & juice) this be boss player DeVante

[DeVante singing:]
So don't you feel it, I know you want fun
But I can be the one, to make sure you get enough
So why don't you get crazy, why don't you get rude
And baby we can bump a little later, and everything, yeah it's all good


[Static talking:]
Yeah, it's that nigga Static straight outta The Bassment crew. Boss player
representin' for the 9-5. We gonna kick it something like this.

To party people we go on a freak fest
Past the chronic if you got a weak chest
Shake your body till you can't no more
And all the hotties get it on the dance floor
Ain't workin' with all juice no gin, one more again
Hit me Mr. bartender, I'm fiend to, slip and get loose
Got to drink a cup of all gin no juice, what's the use
I'm in my basement hideaway, where all the hoes slip and slide away
You got smoke? We gonna fly away
And then me boss player is gonna ride away


[Static talking:]
Ha ha this is a nice little party here D. Motherfuckers jumpin'. Hey man
hand me my beer.

Now everybody dranked up, music cranked up
The niggas go put they shanks up till they banked up
The homies they got it cookin', they be lookin'
I leave thier punany shooken, baby booken
They doin' a little dip thens a little dap mens
The Boss get the tip mens, we got the happins
The smoke get slapped in, toes tappin'
It's groovin', silky soothin', keep your body movin'


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