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Devilz Rejectz - Same World

[Verse 1: Ampichino]
Thinkin of all the good times I've had in my life
Baby this world deep life the passion of christ
Shit's everlasting, the animal type
I thought my life was gon change when I got handed a mic
Duckin the slammer with my hand on my pipe
Yola, arm & hammer livin the glamorous life
Raw handle on the cannon, fuck animal rights
Chinchilla, in the benz 50 grand on some ice
Land of some apes but the planet of mice
Cause you work for the boys & try to plant a device
In my whip, got (hip?), pull my hammer with lights
On the top, get rocked, I'll shatter his life
My mom just passed away I'm lookin at ghosts
In the kitchen, for half a day cookin up dope
Take a pull, pass the j, dreamin of hope
So I come up with a scheme to move the green & the coke

[Chorus: The Jacka]
Same world I was brought up in, is the same world I got caught up in
Same place where they hate my skin, but I make so much paper gotta rake it in
I'm a boy can't get close enough to shake my hand
But they still try, I think you feel why
I'm in the field nigga, where we still die
Where it's real nigga, but we still fly

[Verse 2: black jesus]
We on that, grey goose nigga, jesus the great
Rent due on the first date bitch, I can't partake
Fuck jacob, cartiers & I [?] the face
With somethin that'll shut down the party on waist
If you dip up then you best zip your lips up
'Fo the city find yo ass by the garbage on pickup
Big up nigga I stickup, with stickup kids who stick up kids, & niggas who done shot shit up
Don't get it twisted cause my pockets full, I pull up & hop out on ya street & let the choppers pull
Right on the corner where the drop is pulled
You want beef I mad cow on ya street nigga I'll drop a bull
Cause before I drop I dime I'll drop a (pull?)
Me amp & jack writin lines when we not in school
I need a rubber room, I'm so romper room
Gun language we don't talk smell the chopper fumes


[Verse 3: The Jacka]
Devilz re, smokin tree to level me
Been out my mind since a lil g
Sold dope 'fo I poked the (bre?)
See, she no longer innocent
Hit a fence, from the boys, before I fuck a bitch
Mastered the game as a youth, been on drugs ever since
Killers in the shit, guerillas in the mist
You say that you're the dopest, then why do we exist?
Guess it's just for nothin, I'm hard as cement
Nigga don't press my buttons, you never did shit
Soft as a muffin, scared to come through cause we kill niggas for nothin, had it understood, but we was just youngstas
Knock ya down now, but then we was dumpin
Yeah it was I'll, niggas had they dope & they rocks in my hand
Before I was a grown-up ain't nobody gave me shit but I live & enjoy it man


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