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Devin The Dude - Party

feat. KB, Man Child

Cut... Cut...Cut...
Get Funky...

[Devin the Dude:]
If you're really, really ready to party
then let me hear everybody
say "we came to party"
(we came to party)
I say 1 2 3 in the place to be
It's DEV on the MIC
I'm a one of a kind, I rock shock your mind
I put this dick on your back and try to break your spine
Yo I'm not as rich as the rest of the game
But I mack you bitches just the same
Say you're ready to jam well you ain't said shit
You were trying to find a party, well this is it

Well I am Thunderpipe and I'd like to say "shalom"
I say if that kind ain't lbs, will I cut the bitch, hell no
I love collared greens, with lima beans, chicken, cornbread, Kool-Aid and iced tea
I love my chicken fried, my women wide, GMC trucks is all I ride
I like hollering at bitches and nuttin' on titties
Hoes gettin' fucked from city to city

[Man Child:]
And when they come outside, and to the front
Leave your niggas at home, bring your weeds and blunts
But if you sucka boy bands start talkin' your shit
Ready to run any lyrics while I fuck this bitch
I'll wreak the freak 7 days a week
The chickens fight for my big pipe
'Cause I'm the ass master with the greenest trees
My dick numb on your girl, strung, feelin' the breeze

[Devin the Dude:]
Niggas freeze when I step in the club
Grabbin' a nut, highed as fuck
The party's jumpin', the place is packed
And then we stroll to the back and roll a sack
Where it's at y'all, hit the mat y'all
Grab the weed and hit it and give it back y'all

Well I'm the K, the B, and the place to be
I got dick for all the young ladies
So when I'm all in the club I stay fresh as hell
Never bust Versace but I bust gazelles
When I'm at the bar it's strictly Tanqueray
Fuck the Cristal and fuck the Moet
And all the fellas here trippin' cause I'm out of Decatur
And I got more numbers than a calculator
Yes, yes, y'all, you don't stop
Keep on, make your body rock

[Man Child:]
All the ladies, all the ladies, all the ladies in the club
If he ain't got no money, call that buster a scrub
(Scrub motherfucker, scrub motherfucker)
All my niggas, all my niggas, all my niggas in the house
If you ain't got no rubber, stick your dick in her mouth

[Devin the Dude:]
Then I, take it out and wash my dick in the sink
Roll me a sweet and fix me a drink
Now I'm fresh and clean, I shampoo my nuts
Call up some sluts that are cool to fuck
Niggas wondering how I do the things I do
Listen motherfuckers while I break it down for you
I say uno, dos, I got hairy balls
Tres, cuatros, ask your girl vato

I say skip, da, where can I go
I can't get my dick inside this bitch's hole
So I put it in her mouth, and I choke the ho
She never seen a big dog with a big dick before
Say we don't need no music, 'cause all we want to do
Is hit the club, and get fucked up, and break a trick or two
You say it...
(We don't need no music, 'cause all we want to do
Is hit the club, and get fucked up, and break a trick or two)

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