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Dhark Citi - Petrified текст песни

Remember when I spoke the factual
Quotin data from known safactual
Natural occurinses, servin the chosen one
Know it's dramatical
Vision my lyrics as a killer
Consider the penalties given for breeders of a sinner
You fakin my article
To be some sort of a logical
Part of the arsenal
Persistant lizing my nasogical
Never question the presense of a soul like depression
Whose total act is repression to disregard you in seconds
Obsession of rap, since I was locked down
Murdered my lab, the smiles of a child was found and sealed in photographs
I outta blow his ass, for the reasons for my hatred
In sacred places revolve around the paces of my nature
On paper, that's were you'll find bolation
Place me on the side, I'm waitin
For fakeness to try and over rhyme my soul confine me
It's only likely I'm certain to appear amongst the worst
Of situations relatin to the death among you servants
And curtains over shadow you
And they brace you in the darkness
My vocal sharp as a dagger and the waist is where your heart is
We started this from the bottom
And we welcome any problem
It's all from under the circumstance and scope 'em when we got 'em

[Chorus x2: Sa'Battlecuel (Sad Voice)]
Strange if it ain't the petrified ones that act as if they killas
(Dhark Citi raw and custom to pistol whippin they tricks)
Strange if it ain't the petrified ones that act as if they mirrors
(Dhark Citi born and custom to crime and violence, we murderers)

[Sad Voice]
We live amongst rooks and servants
My destiny's under the serpants, ofcourse my mergance
Heavy merchants, do I deserve this?
Quote with herb, and lustin for sex and holy virgins
So pricin the nice and spirits eagin for my service
Sad Voice, I'm suicide
Finally is my time
Can't be an angel showed compassion towards me and cried
See the god is peacefull, relaxation from the deceitful
And treated me unequal cuz I came from Puerto Rico
Double headed eagle, seezin a head of a her ave and lawton
When I die, bury me deep, and the dirt is sand raw
And my critics, remember the name
We don't exist on, straight to seven angels
The first son of the Christians
First born prophet, now I'm on sonic
Respect my gothic
Non believers I'm a baptised, but this holy water will rise it
Fake thugs, I got it
Talkin bout guns and chronic
Except death, relieve your stress, the Christ hymin

[Chorus x2]

Homicidal rage, cattlepult you by high exort
Or resort on your force of imagery
Sacreligion and sinistry
Physically bought it by God, it's the hardest part, they pray upon us
The scorchen of Satan, facin Devils towards awaitin
Contaplate the grateous rebellious skies play overhead
From the enourmous shed, vocalize penny still we wanted dead
On our bald heads, with numerical beats components
See we speak of omens, seak upon us, make them nail and see it for us

[Sad Voice]
My lifes a genesis, my minds the exodus of rap
My heads the force to get ya clap
My voice is the entrance thru the portal of fact
With reality taps you on your shoulder
Your fest paralizin encoded
Your soul is before the third of Jehovah
Shut the mouth of critics
To my Puerto Ricans, blacks and Dominics
Thoughts devorse restriction
Susan died before they got the livid
Dhark Citi's the fortuess
Havin trauma immortal forces
Bring the all we gather, thru the fog on horses with wooded crotches

[Chorus x2]

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