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Dialysus - Kobe Remix текст песни

[Introduction conversation]

Kobe had 4 rings, now he got his FIFTH
They ask who the best, no need to plead the FIFTH
Just say Kobe, some DISPUTE IT THOUGH
He could drive the lane, but he'd rather SHOOT IT THOUGH
And it look good, everytime he DO IT
When it comes to his game, he stay IMPROVING
There is nothing that Kobe Bryant CAN'T DO
He can pass, shoot, defend, & he got HANDLES
They used to say he couldn't win without SHAQ
Now he just won 2, back to BACK
Everytime he touch the ball they be saying WOW
What's they excuse NOW, they say he got PAU
But Mike had Scottie, Magic had KAREEM
Let Kobe do his thing, yeah let him live his DREAM
Every year they say Lebron gon' take him DOWN
But in the finals Lebron is nowhere to be FOUND
And I ain't knockin' 'Bron, cause he's a MONSTA
But you still can't compare him to the MAMBA
He should already be in the hall of FAME
Cause he has mastered every element of the GAME
He can shoot the ball, he can PASS IT
Give it to him in the clutch he'll get the BASKET
Cause he's automatic... EVERYTIME BABY
85%... at THE LINE BABY
35 points, 5 boards, 5 ASSISTS
And no MVP... What's wrong with THIS
What's wrong with that, that's a ROBBERY
That's why I put this song on 106 and ROBBERY
He got robbed twice, one time with DIRK
Another time with Nash, I almost went BESERK
So now bump MVPs, he gettin TITLES
He'll get the ring, and MVP of the FINALS


I'm Dialysus, a lot of people KNOW ME
Go to the park, they all imitating KOBE
Cause on the court he done proved that he the TRUTH
And they know me cause I kill it in the BOOTH
But back to Kobe, right now he run the GAME
Don't compare him to Mike, he got his own NAME
They said he'd never compare but never say NEVER
Cause at 32 some of Kobe's numbers is lookin BETTER
5 time champ, & yeah he goin' STEADY
1 MVP, but we know why ALREADY
Cause he got cheated, but he didn't MIND
Look at his career, he still doin FINE
... he gettin his... and yeah I'm gettin MINE...
Yeah we both grind, he'll teach you a LESSON
He's Mr. I'm a get the win, with 2 SECONDS
He got the most game winners of ALL TIME
He the best in the league and I'm the best UNSIGNED
Most 3's in a half and in a GAME BABY
He scored 81 points in one GAME BABY
You could tell in his eyes, he had a MAJOR PLAN
Kobe is the best, and I ain't even a LAKER FAN
But real recognize REAL
Kobe aimin for # 1, I'm aimin for a DEAL
12 time all star, 10 time DEFENSIVE TEAM
He'll lock ya down, look at his DEFENSIVE SCHEME
The list keep GOIN, so I'm a keep FLOWIN
Black Mamba, 2-4, everybody KNOW HIM
Slam dunk winner, 2 time SCORING CHAMP
Never got dunked on in his own SUMMER CAMP
He lost to Detroit, and lost to the CELTICS
But with his passion for the game, you know he FELT IT
So he came back, with fury and THE FIRE
Don't worry Lebron, you'll gettem when he RETIRE
He be ballin, cause it's his PASSION
He love what he do, like I love RAPPIN
We both assassins, we do what it TAKES
I got albums to sell, he got records to BREAK
He the realest in the game, others be PRETENDIN
It ain't about the money, it's about WINNIN
Yeah you could tell, it's not for the WEALTH
Just look at what he do, it speaks for ITSELF
MVP! Is what they all SCREAM
No offense to Magic... or to KAREEM
He the leadin scorer in Laker HISTORY
So who the best in the league, it's no MYSTERY...

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