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Diamond - Let You Get Away текст песни

[Intro and chorus:]
Dis you anthem now baby
Get used to it
Cause it's real fucked up
How could I let you get away
(Dis you shit you now gone be sanging dis every time you see me
Every time you hear about me you feel me
You gone be like damn)

I must admit I'm kinda glad that you came into my life
Cause every since you've been apart of it I've lived a anothert lie
Ain't wanna do right
You had me thinkin that you really gave a fuck
But ended up being like the other noggas that I fucked
But because of that I never stressed
I'm just kickin up the dust
Take my heart and lock it up
And throw the keys away for us
It ain't nothin to discuss
Don't talk about a situation
You been cheatin livin life without a whole conversation
When I talked to the chick myself
She told me how you really felt
Man I told you all my bussiness and you go tell someone else
You can go to hell and melt, melt
For all I give a shit
See me all up on the T.V while you chillen whith dat bitch

[Diamond talikin: while chorus playin]
You see dai song right here
Iis not just for you baby
It's for all my females that done every been through somethin with a nuttin ass nigga
So if you guilty of dis shit
And you hear dis song and it make you mad
Dat mean you need to get you shit together
I love it's my favorite song on the god damn shit
It's the realest shit
For all my ladies I know ya'll feel me
I'm just gone ride dis bitch on out feel me
I don't even gotta rap no mo
I don't even gotta talk no mo I'm out

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