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Diggy Simmons - As I Am текст песни

feat. Shianne Phillips

Take me as I am
Or you can have nothing
Nothing at all

[Verse 1:]
Never understood why
Discrimination existed
Amongst us people when
All of us wanted to be
Taken equal not for the
Color of our skin or the
Fact that we fit in criteria
Should be based of what's in
The heart mind and soul and where
We want to go cause if we caught
In the past how we gonna reach our goals
People be so concerned about the cons
Instead of the pros that the preconceived
Notations be blocking out of my flows
They be acting like they know so they real
Quick to throw it out to term about a kid
Or the numbers in his bank account I'd
Appreciate it if you listen then open ya
Mouth feel alot better if you knew what
You was talking 'bout just a youngin
Grindin feeling inside that he hasn't
Got his point across after he moved his
Tums? tellin people he's a normal kid
Following dreams aposed to

So why don't you take me
As I am or you can have nothing at all
So take me as I am or have nothing at all

[Verse 2:]
Just looking around at all the people
That's around no of em was with me though
Months ago but tellin me now the way
I should go or the things that I should put
Out when it's expression to me you can't tell
Me how the ways the ropes or being the
D- I- double g - Y the little nigga that's known to be fly
But alot of the time he just gotta swallow
His pride despite of all the people that's
Making him feel deprived of a fair shot just
Because of where he came from labeling
What I am when you ain't even hear a taste of?
I done heard it all so ya 2 cents won't hurt none
And I know that I'm a keep going with it
And I know the ridicule I'm rolling with it as long
As I'm taking for who I am and where I'm going
That's what's important to my time

So why don't you take me
As I am or you can have nothing at all
So take me as I am or have nothing at all

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