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Diggy Simmons - Cypher (Continued...)

Yeah I'm only 15 but my 16 strong so I'm a spit quick gate and let you fends get warm and the teenie bopper got you in a proper never seen em drop wack song I'm the don like lebron got the heat poppin light skin like chico debarge is I got you locked up cause you know what the bars is I'm a start kid and I swear nicki babysit me I just might learn what a minaj is and all you dudes is dialonsial marajes you think I grew up in the neighborhood like mr. Roger we started from the bottom to a bith in Hollis down with the kings they all be bangin harmage school of hardknocks some graduate with honors I'm the golden child but then I will never tarnish 1 here comes the 2 to the thrizzy on your bbm's is the only time when status busy I put in overtime without a workers permit making sure the floor shine it's the work you get you missed a spot like the funk doctor spock and to call em up up to the sky and there ain't no comin down one way trip you really don't have a story like a one page rip your borin your wack everybody know your wasting your time your never goin blow your peoples tryin tell you you be like so my dreams of bein a rapper I'll never let it go haha you can stay in lala land I'm calm and yellow like lala's man and having you speak in touges vadocam think you gangster for life got my vadojam when the haters talk me I go num get off my beanstalk vevavovum

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