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Digital Underground - Blind Mice

All that's cool but, yo, what's up with me and you?

[Chorus x2]
See the blind mice? We the blind mice
Trying to get in where we fit in
Doing anything to be down
Two hundred million blind mice
Running through this town

Patty Cake, Patty Cake I heard your man
Wears a gold Rolex and put a diamond on your hand

[Money B]
The Itsy-Bitsy Spider was a whoridah
Said he met the judge's daughter and went up inside her

House, there's a Mouse who Runs Around the Clock snitching
Who he hitting, I think he hit it raw cause he be itching

[Money B]
Shimmy, Shimmy Cocoa Pop, the glock went pop
Tell me, tell me who shooting and who got shot

Ring Around the Rosie, a pocket full of blow
Everybody know the hop got you moving slow

Pinocchio says ignore my nose, you can trust him
I saw Bill in the back of Capitol Hill with Lil' Miss Muffin

Little Boys in Blue and Red Riding in the Hood
Heard the Big Bad Wolf said he never used the n-word
He huffs and puffs, he'll snuff you in an alley
But the Three Little Pigs scurry back to Simi Valley

[Money B]
Goldilocks went to cop some little boy brown
Should've stuck with the snow cause the brown cut her down

The Itsy-Bitsy Spider at the National Enquirer
Said the mayor told Niola to bend over or he'll fire her

The freaky Old Lady In The Shoe downtown
Is a brown sugar mommy, wants to pay to lick me down

The Big Bad lady Wolf said that she knew me
She huffed and she puffed and she .. mmmmm!

Three grinding mice
Trying to make a life called three strikes
The rat got three to five, two got life
Those Three Blind Mice

Now, Tom Thumb jumped up and said "I got one,
David Duke and Farrakhan riding side-by-side on the top gun"

Hickory Dickory Dock, each day I hear a new shock
The Cat in the Hat told me he be seeing Tupac

Cinderella told me you was paid, if it's all true
Simon Says you can grab the hat, sink and fall through

[Black Ty]
"Somebody’s sleeping in my bed, getting my head
Now his broad is on the stroll getting my bread"

And Humpty Dumpty leaning against the wall
Couldn't figure out the meaning of it all..

What's the meaning, what’s the meaning of life

Little Bo Peep is weeping, I hate to see you cry
Sometimes guys lie when your thighs are above you
Mother May I say you denied the evidence
The frog was only a prince when he loved you

[Money B]
Virgin Mary Poppins popping game, said she never had sex
Now she’s popping X, talking about "who’s next?"

Scooby went to scoop another scooby sack from Shaggy
Scooby will do anything: hops, weed or cavi

Old Mother Hubbard's got a cupboard full of lotto tickets
A fat stack from way back cause she's pack rat

Mother Goose hit me on the cell phone, said granny
Got her healthcare pulled, had to move to Miami

[Money B]
Poppa Bear got no time for Baby Bear
Can't stop to feel the breeze in the race for the cheese

Peter Pan's in the White House dealing
Keeping the money out my hands, making me out to be the villain

Humpty Dumpty looking at the moon, leaning on the wall
Still couldn't figure out the meaning of it all..

[Chorus x2]

Patty Cake, Patty Cake, can I be your man?
My cash flow's low but bro's got the master plan

Patty Cake, Patty Cake, can I be your lover
I'm wealthy in the mind and I'm healthy under covers

Papa Bear, Papa Bear, to put it modestly
I like diamonds & pearls but I'll settle for some honesty

[Money B (Shock-G)]
Patty Cake, Patty Cake, can I hit your soda
I'm thirsty and I'm out (Yo, this nursery rhyme's over)

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