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Digital Underground - Shake & Bake

Right now, I'm about to shake and bake (kick it)
Shake and bake

Once again we're taking over
The d-flow pimp rovers
The one who bent your summer lover over
The cool that's never sober
But never hung over
With me the Rapanova
The big noser
Poking around under your girlfriend's clothes
That's where the Humpty nose goes when the doors close
I never love her slow though
I flow like I'm on No-Doz
You don't belive me but your ho knows
A fly knocker when she sees one
I'm the one humping
Pumping out the premium
Super octane fat crack big kilos
Listen how the d flows
Rarrr rarrr like a dungeon dragon nigger aaaaaghhh
Like my Suziro[?]
Nah I'm just bugging y'all Buster is my hero
I clowned anyway, It's me though, yo
We got flavor and we like to flex it (ungh)
I'll be right back in a minute on some old sex sh--
On the next verse, yo but first we must take
A second to reckon and shake and bake, come on

Shake and bake, etc

Don't try to get away cuz baby this is it (it)
My freaky deaky membership is legit
I got a sex club gold card veteran certificate (what?)
You try to run I'll put my nose on your clit
Cuz I'm a master of the French kiss (kiss)
Nasty hos know this (what?)
I'm a nut bust specialist (ungh)
A thriller of the lady killer whether chocolate or vanilla (bitch)
The butt filler
The nut spiller
I got a PhD in nasty
And baby when you walk past me
I'm gonna smell the flavor of that ass cheek [sniff]
Smells like a freak to me
Cuz I'm a hardcore triple X rater
Ho fader
Sick new position creator
The mayor
The double up bubble butt slayer (ah ha)
Rock fat brown pipe layer
The joker
The butt poker
The ass cheek checker
The throat choking tight cooch stretcher
The bust a nut double decker booty gettin heiffer
The kinky ho closet freak sphincter muscle wrecker
You say you want to blow me
Yo baby you really don't know me
Cuz like a DJ's hand on the crossfader
The Humpty nose up in your booty shake-and-bakes like a vibrator

Shake and bake, etc

Your beats are tired, your rhyming is fake
You keep on looping up them same old done breaks
Your buck teeth hang out of your mouth like a rake
It's cool with Humpty baby let's shake and bake

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