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Dilated Peoples - On Deadly Ground текст песни

"Gonna rock the place" [Cut up by Babu]

Yeah, live and direct
Platform presents Iriscience, Iriscience
M-Boogie and the turntablist, Babu
Uh, yo Babu
Platform, Platform, Platform, Platform, Platform yo yo
Aiyyo I tell and evacuate but it might be too late
Since I'm feelin this break then I'm sealin your fate
Your a puddle, I'm a great lake fillin the place
From Cali the quake state, shit is real in L.A.
These days, a fine line between performer and fan
On air, sea, or land, Dilated expand
Rapid candid, move through the city like rapid transit
Rakaa Iriscience, rapid fire how I transmit
Voltage to blow shit, pyrotechnics to roast shit
My ferocious stage shows explosive promote shit
Countdown to countact, man to man combat
Leave the mic at the DJ booth like "Who want that?"
Look before you leap, you creep or you speak
Every word is heat, either you duck or you leak
Battleflows wit pros, for gold that's cold-flooded
Gemini warm-hearted, but live I'm cold-blooded

You on deadly ground when
You look around and
You recognize you fuckin wit that Platform sound
Ain't nuttin sad as a clown wit a frown
I started countdown, now you on deadly ground
[Babu cut] You on deadly ground
Uh uh you on deadly ground
Uh uh, you on deadly ground
I started countdown now you on deadly ground

Revolution might be televised, ? or live
The mind creative minds, the biggest of all time
Even when you stare where they land or what's command of planet
You lookin down the barrel of a wave-motion cannon
Sick sour even sweet sixteen seems
Bullets get in between the cake and the ice cream
I hear a high scream and bodies will dive in
Brothas killin, brothas dyin, and mothers are cryin
Got a right to be hostile, my peoples misguided
Combine it wit the elements from drugs and the violence
Phenotypes and some are genotypes plus environment
Ninety-two ? wild and firin at the fire
Stay alive ya'll, feed off the hyheenas that grin
In the sky ya'll, buzzards try to eat off your skin
About these green men, let's make em come clean
Strip the shell, inject the circuitry of what's been seen

You on deadly ground when
You look around and
Angry little molehills become mountains
And quiet water, the batte find's a subtle sound
You wished the countdown now we on deadly ground
Now we on deadly ground
Uh uh now we on deadly ground
Uh uh now we on deadly ground
You missed the countdown now you on deadly ground

"Gonna rock the place" [Cut by Babs until end]

Blackberry, M-Boogie
Yo, Iriscience, Babu, Dilated wild styles
Evidence, where you at? Yo Dilated in effect

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