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Dilated Peoples - Strength

feat. DJ Babu

[Babu cuttin' it up] "Stay strong"

Hey, yo we potent, straight up, straight the dope wait up
But hold up, wait up, exactly what you 'fraid of
Maybe it's my words that got you scared enough to hate us
But see, i got vert like them half-pipes ya' skate up
I take flights up to heights then return to perch
Make the most of one life until death brings re-birth
Whether re-incarnated according to my words
Maybe burried underground to help feed the earth
I never followed the same, never bought up the treasure
Don't wallow in pain, and don't get caught up in pleaseure
Every word is an expressive thought manifested
Like Xzibit said 'More than an image is opressed kid'
Stay under pressure and that's right, you guessed it
I proclaim the Dilated platform the freshest
My method's undetected, and then suddenly i grab you
MC Iriscience and my DJ's name is Babu

[Straight cuttin' it again]

[Chorus: (Iriscience)]
The strength to maintain, the strength to change
The strength to make moves, the strength to stay
The strength to hold on despite the pain
The strength to not rock the mic in vain

Yo, my kindness ain't no weakness, confess less than often
My strength at point blank rocks the objects without caution
Switch to infrared, dead lock and pin point
The shadow in the corners cover mimes smoked with joints
Follow ya' moves, knew where ya' were before you go there
Camouflaged cab driver, took ya' fare
That was i, fake beard for disguise
Contact lenses change the color of my eyes
Certified not a spy, my name is real
I don't lie, no documents to steal
Yo, to flatter ya' self to me is a cheap jab
Plus i'm dealin' with these cats tryin' to break into my lab
Trust me when i say, it take strength to walk away
Clench ya' fist, calm demeanor like this
Yo, it takes my farther, that's proven beyond theory
Strength, never have to hold my eyes back from gettin' teary

[More dope cuts]

[Chorus x2]

What we callin' this one?
Strength, that's real
Yo Babs, where ya' at?

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