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Dilated Peoples - The Platform Remix текст песни

This is where we stand (Memorize your charts, kid)
Aiyyo the Platform, now prepare yourself for invasion
Space station earth, we have a base of operation
Crosstrain for prose combat and pank-ration
This is verbal animate, graphic animation
Relativity, balanced stability
It's flexibility, talent agility
Rakka shift modes, that's word to Mode 2
Hot like code red or cold as code blue
Quick to be like "Somebody pass me a mic"
Watch my back, cats will hit you wit spikes
Still down to build, battle ready to rock
But since most are cattle, I brand em like livestock
These strange days, I rock the mic insane
Energy ain't created or destroyed, it's changed
The Dilated Peoples hit you wit the Big Bang
And theories that the Red Shift couldn't explain
The Platfrom

"The Dilated Platform the freshest" [Iriscience]

Aiyyo The Platform takes respect to perfect the artform
At times a battleground where rappers get their hearts torn
[DJ Babu cutting] "The Dilated Platform the freshest" (Yes it is)
The Platform takes respect to perfect the artfrom
At times a battleground where rappers get their hearts torn

Cuz when I step on, I step off to bounce
My last impression left (Bounce), crowd reaction counts
(Word War II) Platform the nicest flows
I know my hunger's real, one more time [backspin] yo
My motto, I didn't write wit this, I quote:
"It ain't where you put your words, it's where you don't"
End quote, and wit this on track
I bring flows more rare than black hockey cats
I never got checked due to lack of respect
When you go hit for hit to one of us, hit the deck
And after that, the crowd'll react
To the future we are the magnetic attract
Two-thousand twenty, confusin new laws
See me on my VH1 Before They Were Stars
That was the time, my life in my prime
Science and theories of droppin rhymes on time
The Platform

"I proclaim the Dilated Platform the freshest"

[Cut and scratched] "The Dilated Platform the freshest" [x4]
(Where rappers get their hearts torn)

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