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Earth, Wind And Fire

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Earth, Wind And Fire - Holiday

feat. Marie Antoinette

Go Millinneum, I'm ready
Where's the Refs at, uh
Earth, Wind and Fire
Refugee Camp, uh
Bring the congas
Earth, Wind and fire up in here
Here's something.. Don't spill my drink
Ya don't wanna do that, just keep on dancin
Ya knowumsaying
Yo, right about now, Marie Antoinette
Out the box, out the box
Out the box, out the box
Hit 'em, hit 'em

People in the back, if you ain't the whack
Put your hands up
People in the front, ain't no time to front
Raise the roof up
If you're making money
Or you're waiting for the first of the month
For the check, throw your bets, put 'em up

Sucker appeared like Tyson in the ring
You over rhyme like Johnny Gill over sing
Shut yo' mouth, your knees get weak
Cuz when you saw the heat
Your Arrested Development became low speech
Now what? Like Nore, you sayin' "Whut? Whut?"
I burn through yo' chest like a mad city rucka'

In the Suburban with the Mack under the turban
In the rear view, saw a vision of my man locked in prison
I stay focused, my only motive if you haven't noticed
Is to be the dopest of youngest to oldest

Control this, Marie Antoinette
Even the Dolly Llama be present on my set
Like I was rhyming in Tibet
But yet, ya'll wanna test, my cerib' never rest
But endless, like I had an oxygen tank in my chest
(Yo, slow down)

I been recruited to do this
For those who couldn't move the crowd
Where you from? Say it loud, danger, danger
Use your prophylactics if you with a stranger
Girls be actin' like they Mary in the manger
Then they freakin' on the beach, callin' me touch-tone
But I'm outta reach, I'm doin' beats in the basement, booger
With Earth, Wind and Fire cuz like Peter got the hookup

[Repeat 1]

Out the box, I hit 'em out the box harder
No bargain and no bother
Daughter of Sam so I'm sending some back to his father
Solo Author, ya'll was hard and now you're softer
Give you vision in your dead eye
Irritate you like I'm read eye
Lookin' for leniency, you at the wrong place
The wrong time, the wrong mic check
In The middle of the wrong rhyme, wrong turf, wrong surf
Now you caught up in the current and you world was reversed

Ladies and gentlemen, can I get a soul clap
As I tip my B-hat to the back
React when rapper's attack Marie Antoinette
Don't sweat, go for the jugular, pull out the bayonette
Get me angry? See the Lou Farillo in me
Bust into my sweatshirt, hittin' you where it hurt
Over reserve any organism I touch, pull the clutch
(Yo, FWE, you killin' 'em, you too much)

[Repeat 1]

We 'bout to get this thing started right now

Shout yo' city out, come on
Shout yo' city out, let me hear it
Shout yo' city out, come on
Shout yo' city out, let me hear it

Shout yo' city out, let me hear it

[Repeat 1]

This is it, this is it
This is it, ya'll
This is it, ya'll
This is the way we harmonize
This is the way we harmonize
This is the way we harmonize
This is the way we harmonize

EWF, Earth Wind and Fire, come on

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