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Eastwood - California

feat. The Game

[Chorus: Eastwood]
California, California,
California Dreams, we ballin on the Westside,
Muthafuckers know how we ride,
California swag throw ya rags out
It stunt like this [? ] we die
California Dreams on the Westside,
Muthafuckers know how we ride,
California swag throw ya rags out
Throw ya rags out,..

[Verse 1:]
If it ain't got a black rag tied to it, I'm too gutter for it,
SooWoo crip be the one shit I'm all for it,
I got love for the streets, they love a nigga back,
Posted in the hood at the weed spot gettin tatts,
Hoopty's on they Chris Brown shit,
Like East gimme that,
I don't need no ice in my cup they make the Remy flat,
Haha, you ballers trickin on the wrong shit,
The same broads you tryna wife up she be on my dick,
Time is money so I got me a watch,
I call it tricks cause it got different colour stones through the rocks,
So look the Mr underrated slash everybody's favourite
Suckers MC's hate it, I spit it like the greatest,
This California with fly women and bomb smoke
Land of the palm trees, gang banging and liquor stores,
You frontin on this new West shit let it go,
We jus tryna ride and give the streets what they rep for,


[Verse 2: The Game]
If it ain't got a red rag tied to it, I ain't fuckin with it,
SooWoo to the death I just grab my dutch and lit it,
If I talk it I live it, the flow so exquisite,
It's like Machievelli paid the young Homie a visit,
Who is it trumped up on them thirties, black Escalades truck,
And I'm still riding dirrty ayyy,
That's the sound of a mad man,
Old English bottle brown paper bag, damnnn,
Nigga it's 09, I'm gon grind,
Holla at my PO I'm blowing haze and he don't mind,
Got Cali on lock nigga,
You better go dig up Pac nigga,
The whole World know I took 5 shots
And got walked into county jail by 25 cops yeah,
Better close your mouth before I close your eyes,
It's California nigga I'm supposed to ride,


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