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Fabolous - Turn My Swag On

Yeea, my swagg's on baby
Once it's on, you can't get it off
(I'm gettin moneyy, Ohh)
Yea, it's Loso case you didn't know so
What's up this is for ATL

This is how you start a verse,
You shout out them cowards first
Niggas start their day off hatin
Damn take a shower first
Tell them lames loose my number (number)
Until they find some money
Bein broke is a joke
So that's why I find 'em funny (hey)
They say life's a bitch
Bet you couldn't take it from me
And won't you quit makin blogs
Try and make some money (try and make some money)
Yea, we gettin money, Yea
Mirror Mirror on the wall
Who has the meanest swagger of them all?
He said me ofcourse, like I need his conformation
I know I'm the shit, tell them hoes don't forget
This is Loso, fuckaz on your cerabellum
If you ain't know so, they better Soulja Boy Tell em (SoujiaBoy Tell em)
Yeaa, we gettin moneyy, Yeaa, Aye

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