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Hell Razah & 4th Disciple - High Science текст песни

[Intro: Hell Razah]
Article one, what's the science behind that?
Sit in a chair, you gotta watch, you gotta watch
everything around you, you know
Bout to learn the freedom of speech, freedom of speech, article one, the G.G.O,
Can't just fall fo anything man, what's the science behind that?
Can't understand why Bush sometimes remind of Hitler
what's the science behind that?
Word up, man, there's alotta shit goin' on around us man
This is how a nigga suppose to really rhyme, son

[Hell Razah]
When I was your age, I was already cockin' the gauge
Now I'm older, I raise niggaz outta they grave
I got the soul of a prophet, and the body of a slave
It took hard time to show me, it was only a phase
I made my way throughout shootouts, and walked through flames
Can't, move out the hood, when you ballin' with lames
On the highway to heaven, I headed to switch lanes
In the ghetto, surrounded by these bitches and gangs
It's much, more than the record deal, pictures and fame
I explain for the dope fiends, who hittin' they veins
We opressed so long, we addicted to pain
Now I'm immune to the struggle, and some choose to hustle
My mind tranquilize, you can't move a muscle

[Interlude: Hell Razah]
What's the science behind that?
(You can't even move now, they stuck, caught in the wisdom)
What's the science behind that?
(Tryin' to figure us out, but it's just reality, man)
What's the science behind that?

[Hell Razah]
Computer chips, they barcode everything we get
Type your life on the memory disk, poor/rich
Social security, triple six, mark of the beast
Keep track of the lost sheep, and foods they eat
Nimrods and credit cards, dark magic and tarot cards
And rest in Babylon, til they nest in the stars
Cast spells out the pentagon, prepare for guard
Witches and warlocks, with copies, and the keys to your locks
Small pox, if you don't got no vacination shots
Communist cops, H&R Block's, with taxes
Bank money's all controlled by these Roman-Catholic's
Secret symbols of the Red Dragon, as the Phoenix rise out the ashes
They never taught us in these school classes
(what's the science behind that?, look at me)
Medigate slave, labor til they birth to they grave
They cause a bombing, like the World Trade to keep you afraid
Of this new age of AIDS, that was government made
So when you sit from a plan, you keep your company paid
Babies raised by a TV set, the eye is CBS
Hypnotized and control the flesh of generation next
In the projects, legal tenders, keep us in debts
WIC checks, drugs, safe sex, birth control threats
The original is artificial, seed is fruits
Nuclear missiles, launched by these foreigner troops
When the album pop, this time, gather in groups
Ain't no time for no party, and the basketball hoops

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