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Hell Razah - King Of Tha Hood текст песни

feat. Flamez

[Hell Razah:]
I was born a 70's child, revolutionary with style
Miles Davis on the radio dial
Another species of the Malcolm X speeches gave birth to teachers
Young leaders, we be mind readers
Remember, render the seas of the things that our seeds in
And the God that of things that the God's in
George Bush planned on conquering Mars
While you worshipping cars of rap stars they experiment SARS
The more we breathe, more prisons with bars
Mothers left with the scars
The more we breathe, more prisoners starve
Send a panic through New York with thoughts of Geoff Thorpe
We Emanuel disciples nailed to a cross
Ain't no difference from a man handcuffed in the court
Or the baby's mothers abort 'cause child support
The singer walk through the 'Valley of Death'
Money, murder and sex in projects ain't the key to success

[Chorus: Hell Razah (Timbo King)]
I'm a king of my hood, (I'm) king of my hood (I'm) king of my hood
(Fatherhood, 'King of tha Hood'
Parenthood, 'King of tha Hood'
Brotherhood, 'King of tha Hood'
My neighbourhood I'm 'King of tha Hood'
Manhood, 'King of tha Hood'
It's really hood, I'm)

[Hot Flames:]
Coward niggas need the phone to be strong
I'm real, I stand alone, all I need is the chrome
I speak to the ghost of my dome, heart of king, listen
I could pull a sword out of stone
I can't lose when I'm caught in the zone, it's no rules
Toes cruise, niggas getting cut like lawn
Blue Flames spitting nothing but bombs like Vietnam
See I'm calm, get them hype, we can fight 'til it's dawn
It dawned on me, the game ain't been the same since Pac and Big died
Shit I'm ready to ride, that sticky green give me the heaviest eyes
Tell them niggas that's coming at me, look you could respect me or die
I'm tight like the rope on a slave neck
'Cause I know I'm able to be the best just ain't get the fame yet
Little niggas wilding, they ain't feel the pain yet
They held a gun but they ain't feel a thing yet


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