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Hell Razah - Live Our Life текст песни

[Chorus x2: Hell Razah]
We gonna live our life (life, life/damn right)
Ain't no way you can stop us (no way)
We gonna feed our babies off of this and
Niggas gonna hate me when I'm rich, but

[Hell Razah:]
On probation and project dreams, young coke fiends
United families divided by cream
Black prophet in the gothic city, death and taxes
Be a promise to the biggest willie, feel me?
Broad day, guns spray where the childrens play
Mothers pray they sons, don't grow the wrong way
It's a struggle in my ghetto and somebody gotta pay
For the homeless that's kicked out with no where to stay
Since the 80's, crack babies, carry three eighties
Lately, young ladies strip for leather Avi's
Good weed and they money crazy and lazy
I thank the Lord for the breath he gave me, to raise me
And my people out of slavery, wherever Razah be
I let my niggas free, the wages be death where you sit
Felt the pain like the loss of my friends, Todd and Glenn
Got me wondering, is it gon' end and start thundering?

[Chorus x2]

[Hell Razah:]
Victory is Razah, underestimated savior
Ring bells on both sides of the equator
With the heart of a gladiator, I'm god's advicator
I tear apart all exaggerators
I let off steam like a radiator, I talk to God when I say my prayers
And never do songs with slave traders
I Raze the dead out of six layers
Each thought'll get a moon craters, I bring the Alpha to your Omegas
Haters, can't fade us, I'm off the meter so you can't rate us
We in the crime that'll make the papers
Play the water like we alligators
And send shots through your navigators
I'm Nat Turner the rebellious one, fuck the jealous
I'm out to sell this (how?) Like the return of Elvis
And sing a song with the four and the 20 elders
Devils, held us to chains and they tried to shelf us
But in the end, wanted picture and repent ain't help us
Many are called, but a few felt us, now you stuck
With the same hand, ya'll niggas delt us...
Smell Us? Uh...

[Chorus x2]

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