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Hell Razah - Lost Ark текст песни

[Intro: Hell Razah]
Lost Ark...
As they search and invaded countries
And territories and lands...
More and more places, they searched
And they invaded, and destroyed the conquered people
For the Ark of the Covenant
Holy of the Holies... instill...
And the word translated in English read...

[Hell Razah:]
Don't touch the deck of love, we was made in the image of God
We was formed out of the dust, when they finish the stars
I'm Israeli, and half alien, covered with skin
As a sperm learned to swim, now we flooded in sin
My results of DNA, was a sign of may day
When they looked and seen my X-Ray, they started to pray
My street team was seen in a dead man's dream
Go 'head, get ya green, til my album is king
No tribe can make music, like Judah bloodstream
Don't vow, make a promise to America's queen
They computering your offspring, with a vaccine
With the evidence of Genesis, the book of the genes
I'm the virus to the Internet, give it to knight us
Arthritis, to you writers, love to follow Osirus
More brighter than the lighters, that'll get in your iris
And spit gasoline rhymes, in the city of fire
My saliva's like lava, for hell's thermometer
On the mic, I'm two hundred and twelve in Fahrenheit
In kilometers, I travel, and burn your satellite
Come down and break bread, with the pharaohs at night

[Chorus: Hell Razah]
We read our names in the Hebrew text, look like the black Odets
We Hell Razah's of the Lost Ark
We get our ate, from the blood of the sphinx, for the thugs and the saints
We Hell Razah's of the Lost Ark
We young pharaohs, we waving our pistols, on the search for the hiss ghost
We Hell Razah's of the Lost Ark
UFO's got invisible shields, on the seeds of Israel
We Hell Razah's of the Lost Ark

[Hell Razah:]
We the chosen ones out the Bible
Still serving other Gods and idols, we get our name from the angel Michael
Ain't nothing changed, it's the same cycles
We must awaken up the Christ inside you
Seek scriptures instead of rifles, trying to fight, could be suicidal
We wrestle, not against, flesh and blood
It's modern Exodus, the second flood
We build an ark with the art of love, below the dark clouds up above
From the humble to the hardest thugs
From the queens to the harlots in these strip clubs
Line of Judah when it's crying cubs, out selling or they buying drugs
From the government, who fly it in
This be the Babylon, we dying in
But through the truth, we can rise again (get up)
Wise words do apply to sin, we suffering cause the pride of men
I'll resurrect 'em when I grab the pen


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