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Hell Razah - Negro Angelitos текст песни

Those steeples on those Churches weren't built for nothing
They are designed to launch

You know on the seventh day
They opened up the Book of Heaven Razah
Page 45, chapter 1

[Hell Razah:]
For the love of my people I draw in blood prophecies of Ezekiel
When I write lightning strike at the top of the steeple
Demons fleeing out of windows of the buildings of evil
I'm having Obadiah dreams of America's eagle
Sing a song while I stand in the midst of Lebanon
El-Raziel Medatron the message of God
Sun shine off the efar then light up Mars
I hear the chauffer blowing on the day of atonement
Let 'em run and tell the Romans that I send my condolence
And how I drink outta Miriam's well
May the truth prevail
And have justice's face unveil
Heartlet harlots of Hosea the Daughters of Zion
Forgot about the first law, slept with a python
A six-point star on the top of my right arm
The great-grandson of David, Rebekah's favorite
Still holding Essau hills just like Jacob
Shown like Elijah sometimes inside spaceships

Look deep into my eyes can you see my soul?
Man fell from Heaven to this one Hell hole
From this Hell we excel then we rise again
Look deeper into my eyes again, Black Angels

[Hell Razah:]
Young Solomon my rap words form proverbs
Remain militant, most women wanna observe
We drink fine herbs, smell like frankincense and myrrh
Till my mind blood I'll mack like I'm Max Julien
Drop jewels make crews have to tuck chuvien
Off one like Brand Nubian
Wisdom is better then rubies
You floss that'll attract roogies
While you fade away I stay alive where the truth be
Keeping Negro my eyes low there's bottles of dro'
Cause after this ship I'm leaving here in UFO's

You know, I want all my brothers to let their wings flap


You know
You never know when you talking to one of 'em
They watching us, you know?
It's on a real, real high plane baby
This the God's here album I'm gon' in
Heaven Razah, chapter 1
El-Raziel, Negro Angelitos

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