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Hell Razah - Party Till 5am. текст песни

[Hell Razah:]
I'm 'bout to blow like an Arab in Tel Aviv
However do you want it, the knife or the Desert Eag'
Me, I recall, I recall is a felony
Chicks give me brain, wanna drain my energy
Must be the hypnotic mix with Hennessey
Incredible Hulk be the green weed I smoke by the boat
Maccabee be a family, they think we a cult
I'm killing them kinfolk, go check their blood ___
Hoes leaving out the club smelling like blunt smoke
I be four fifth holding this side of fur coat
She sniff coke in the bathroom
Wanna know if I'm broke or if the Cash Rules
Wanna know who I be and who I'm signed to
I'm like let me remind you
I shine like jewellery, I blind you
Reload and knock off the killer behind you
Chicks wanna taste Raz' up in their tonsils
I spit on a level that you can't even climb to
Even if you sniffing cocaine in your nostrils
R-A-Z-A-H, they gonna hate
What it take him a week, God do in one take
Like patty Cake, patty cake, no bakers man
Knot glock on my lady waist, tucked in her pants
Don't have her start acting '88 and shoot up the jam
'Art of War' get it popping, not lifting a hand
I got fam, fuck fans and I'm still killing SoundScan
Haters on their two-ways coming up with sound scams, damn

[Chorus: Hell Razah]
It's a party 'til fiver in the morning, we break out
Eat a breakfast with the next chick, sex it
It's a party 'til six in the morning, break out
Eat a breakfast with the next chick, sex it

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