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Hell Razah - Poor Love текст песни

[Hell Razah:]
'Poor Love' from a poor heart
I switch gears on niggas careers, used to sleep on the stairs
But now I'm seated in executive chairs
Conversate about money and weight
How to conquer these stakes
War sells, ain't 'No Love Without Hate'
Strategise, from the Malcolm X tapes from in'78
I realised this was a desolate place
Seen Hell through the eyes of a child
Meanwhile more cocaine coming in piles
More bigger the barrels, took away all them motherly smiles
What's stronger now, the love or the fear?
Who's smarter now, the man or the gun?
What created the Sun? Is a lesson I'm teaching the young
My truth burn like 151

[Hell Razah:]
'Poor Love' from a poor heart
It go, "old school, new school, need to learn yo"
I'm on a new level this year, y'all need turbo
Signed to a major but still can't blow
I'm independent like Castro, getting my cash flow
Chain glow like 'The Last Dragon', I've been cracking
Before Bin Laden, wars and plane crashing
Before Martial Law was brought to Manhattan
We made it off a basketball, cracks and rapping
Only shit promised in life: death and taxes
Therefore mothers is only left with caskets
I'm a Child of Israel so they think I'm Jewish
Got hits you ain't see like I'm Lennox Lewis
Still humble as the Buddhas when I do this music
'Art of War' is the defence the bad influenced
It's the big payback, get shot in your may bag
ASAP by them young black Geronimo Pratt's

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