Hell Razah Project Pentagon текст песни, слова песни Project Pentagon Hell Razah & Cipha & Sunny Jewels

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Hell Razah - Project Pentagon текст песни

feat. Cipha & Sunny Jewels

[Chorus: Hell Razah (Cipha) {Sunny Jewels}]
It's Hell Raze' out the 718
Niggas could get mad or hate, we gon' get this cake
(It's Cipha, out the 718
Niggas could get mad or hate, we gon' get this cake)
{It's Sun Jewels, out the 718
Niggas could get mad or hate, we gon' get this cake}
It's GG's, out the 718
Niggas could get mad or hate, we gon' get this cake

[Hell Razah:]
I'm in the hood, where it's cracks and guns, that's where I stack my funds
And blow that 'dro, that'll collapse your lungs
Or they ain't blowing til they casket come, and when they fam in the black
By the alter, and the pastors done
I'm where the dogs love to kill, for they master's crumb
She only 22, son, and got two baby daddy's
Fucking with them Arab niggas, driving cabbies
Writing Dear Abby, while the young is so nasty
They holla at me, from Red Hook back to Cali
In white t-shirts, Chuck Taylor's and blue khaki's
Get money like the IRS, I came to tax/collect
I want credit cards, cash or checks
Fix your eyebrow, watch on this Red Hook style
Hell Raze', 718, press redial
BK, be the borough with the best freestyle
And we them live ass niggas, you ain't see in a while


You know I gotta get this money, see one hundred, saying fuck the red
Got to get it quick, you know a nigga patientless
Ain't a nigga sick, check the click, you know what claim I best
Raid the G's and see, fuck the bone, we like a bloody mess
Love the way I'm laced, hate the moon, hit the mall off
Don't wanna see our face, man, these niggas gonna fall off
When I attach the mack, best believe I let 'em all off
I want that Calico, the Hell Razah saying 'fall off'
I gotta get this money, when I get it, I'm a want more
Got to get 'em all, man, that nigga got a handful
See gotta get this money, well I bring it to the cake, man
Set up shop quick, on our block like the Frank man
Coming from the 718, thorough, the drake, man
You dumb and get 7 or 8, and it ain't paint, man
Can't stop us, you a little too late, so vacate, man
It's Cipha, Sunny Jewels, and Razah, what was you thinking?


[Sunny Jewels:]
It's a GG thing, nigga, anytime you see we, man
Whether the streets or TV, man
We make moves look easy, man, please believe me man
Drop jewels off the heezy, man
Aiyo it's Sunny, straight out the land of milk and honey
Where it's real in the field, and niggas kill for money
Put two in your tummy, fuck with my wolves when they feeling hungry
Cain and Abel, no man, fame or fable
Cop the change in the range, still maintain the same
Burnt every last artist on your record label
Got me flipping like Christ, when he twist them tables
Justice done, no man can touch the Sun
No matter if you sell crack or bust your guns
First rule of a G, nigga, trust no one
And do the knowledge to the wisdom of the gun, nigga


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