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Hell Razah - Raise The Dead текст песни

[Intro: Hell Razah]
Yea... Rabii Razah
New style... my nigga Twin
Yo Data... let's step that rap game up, nigga
This is murder right here

[Hell Razah:]
Aiyo my nickname Raise the Dead, used to be a knuckle head
Now I know ingredients to cook up and cut the bread
Hustle yours, look up, stash that, dump the feds
Landmine, goldmines, step on, use the ledge
One rhyme will turn time, you stepped onto a bed
Death beds at street corners, T&T creep on us
Never sleep, stay awake, make you call police on us
Eat lead, catch that ho ladder, keep it for us
Posionous to the thief who cheat, wanna eat before us
Lost scrolls we wrote, now you wanna read it for us
Black jewel be you, Hebrew, we the poorest
See through your bullshit, gotta keep a full clip
When my niggas do flip, everything we pull hit
All my chicks talk about how Razah got that good dick

[Outro: Hell Razah]

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