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Hell Razah - Renaissance Child (Freestyle) текст песни

[Chorus: Hell Razah]
Y'all better clear my pathway
Hit the floor when the gat spray
With the hoe that's nasty
We get money on a bad day
Black Market Military all day

[Hell Razah:]
My time be worth money, son I'm not a Rolex
Passport got stamped, about to got to Quebec
I textile this vest, leave a whole in his chest
Leave him screaming, bleeding, needing a Kotex
The blood, sweat and tears, I'm hurting careers
OG's who be cleaning their guns, the [? ]
Come by in the shootout rolling their wheelchairs
Same spot you be hustling, niggas get killed there
Hop up for the D's to pop up
The ice in the chains like frozen vodka
Ain't nothing sweet here, we holding partner
I burn your roster, smoke y'all like trees from a Rasta
You no MCs, you thieves and impostors
Clones and backstabbers, half smiling faces
My gun touch anyone son, it ain't racist
Put you on TVs, even on newspapers
Who wanna get shot to be young, rich and famous?
And take it up the anus for rap entertainment
And sell their soul to be surrounded with strangers
I'm dangerous
This is 'H&R Block' where I 'Rapid Refund'
Got connects with aves that sell machineguns
Know Jamaicans with trees that's born with green thumbs
I'm a kidnap your king and wait 'til the queen come
Take the life from your bishops and knights with one knife
Checkmate, I assassinate the head of the state
Stare the judge in the face while I'm pleading the case
Razah verse the people of the New York State
I'm not guilty, my government got plans to kill me
Just because you wash your hands you're still filthy
I hope you film me...
Criminology, crime pays, snakes moving in sideways
I switch lanes on lames like I'm a highway
I get your brain enslaved into my sound wave
Still blow me an ounce a day
Violate, four pounds are sprayed
I keep labs out of town to stay, where Osama be
Ghetto Government USA
I hooked up with two ese's and AKs in East L.A.
International, worldwide Maccabee
Admire the rabbi, 'Razah Rubies'
Spit King Tut jewellery, I'm 'Shining' like Jack Nicholson
I'm the first and the last so there ain't no middle men
Got trees of that ganja like I sponsor Timberlands
Niggas going back and forth, I ain't playing Wimbledon with them, no

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