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Hell Razah - Strategies Of War

feat. 7th Ambassador

[Chorus: Hell Razah]
You and your mixtape
It's 'Holy Warz'
I don't care about your hot sixteen
It's 'Holy Warz'
Tell Bush when he come to the hood
It's 'Holy Warz'
Get a turban then we cover our face
It's 'Holy Warz'

[Hell Razah:]
I'm one of the greatest, the hip hop's underrated, dangerous
Should of wrote the first 'Matrix'
Rabbi, spit it, then baptised, these niggas they act live
They snitch and switch sides, they still mixing dimes
I still grips the 5 so don't look surprised
We ain't feeling your vibe, rewind my eight bars
Who ready to face God? These niggas is fake y'all

[Chorus: Hell Razah]
Fuck you and your whole click
It's 'Holy Warz'
If I catch one of y'all on my strip
It's 'Holy Warz'
Get that turban and cover my face
It's 'Holy Warz'
Next nigga that will bite off my shit
It's 'Holy Warz'

[Hell Razah:]
What make the youth do violent?
When they're young and ain't got much guidance
Coming up tryna figure out why grandma crying
George Bush keeps lying, we gonna clap our iron
For them Indians and slaves who was raped by pirates
While Elijah Muhammad wanted Malcolm silenced
I could take it much higher but you ain't got mileage
I'm the hit man hired for his next assignment
If you need better artists I can make you a Clan
I'm a bomb that's atomic and I not no pilot
Smoke A1 chronic, speak the best Ebonics
Seeing your man brain shot out will make you vomit
This is hip hop right, not DC Comics
No gimmick, I'm a Sun of Man, we came as prophets
Reinvented as a Maccabee, we build with doctors
OG's turned to rabbi's who sat with scholars
How you gonna make me a star? And the Earth is ours man

[Chorus: Hell Razah]
Y'all niggas is crazy
I catch one of y'all on my strip
It's 'Holy Warz'

[7th Ambassador:]
I step on the scene with admirable status
Battle with cannons, your team sees collateral damage
Like Hannibal standing over his foes holding flammable banners
Marching the streets singing their national anthem
Attach a few bandanas to the rims of a black and blue [? ]
Fly through like Batman and you get clapped upon camera
No we don't come to piece and we don't ask you for answers
No 'Monkey Business' when my gorillas grab their bananas
And I really don't believe that their team dumb red and tail rise the crime scene
Like Machine Gun Kelly, the machine gun heavy
With the Tommy Gun Click
Where we could party all night like a Ramadan trick
I'm like a scribe that prophesised your demise
Knowledge the wise, Allah with the flies
The signs of the times reside amongst the violence and crimes
That why I silence my 9, went from blind to a prominent mind
Why give my guns to the police, when I can't bust lead off?
That's like giving my sword to my enemy to cut my head off
Fuck that, I'd rather let off and squeeze
And drop the motherfucker dead on his knees
And be so gone you couldn't catch the degrees
Best to believe, I'm rolling with another regime
Hellofer mean on your devilish schemes
Rebels and kings from ghettos to banks
7th Ambassador, Maccabee thing
And we spreading our wings man

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