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Hell Razah - Tha Director's Cut текст песни

It's my turn now to shuffle the cards
I ain't playing with y'all, see I'm a universe, the niggas the stars
It's Rated R the black Spielberg, directed the script
The soundtrack and the movie score by Tek N Clips
The best got hit, they scattered now the rest got rich
Most of them broke, it's dope, coke, scratch and the sniff
'Til the inside man start ratting and snitch
I'm grabbing that fifth, before floor be bagging that pith
In the club throwing E's at some manager chicks
Who want a black male, black male, with camera and flicks
The more Jay mini-me's the more advantage I get
I'm original, no clone, I roam where there is criminals
My bullets will download your soul like it digital
My shells will email your friends and your physicals
Man, I dropped the Hell this year they call me Raziel
El Metatron y'all, the Messenger of God
I'm brining heat to this game but ain't the winged way
Too late to gangbang, shorty you're the main change
They want your brain mane, fuck them like and their slave name
It's all the same pain, the blood from the same vein
I'm underground, railroading on the same train
I need a Harriet Tubman to love when
You need a brother like Raze to be your husband
All my real ladies stand up with me

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