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Hell Razah - The Messengers текст песни

feat. Lazarus

[Chorus: Hell Razah]
Hell Razah and the Tribe of Judah, man vs. computer
We be them young Israelite rulers
Black jews with them German lugers, we Da Last Future
It's gon' take a whole world to move us

The biochemical equation, six points, the day of invasion
Blitz Beverly Hills, murder caucasions
I'm like Joshua and came in, I'm like Malcolm
Before the pilgrimage, my main men braindead
Psychotic, fiber optic
Sub-atomic, Israelite rockets
Raised by the peasants and the prophets, fathers of the black Arab Islamic
I drop jewels, they say it's non sense
Fuck the radio, they try deceive I
That's why I keep seven quotes, the son of Levi
Fucked up since I was knee high
So now my brain's ran over with Remy, Allah's deep mind
Fuck it, ask the pastor, where's the collection?
Before I put the Smith & Wessing, in his mid section
Wild like dirty bitches in the projects
Popping pills like old timers
Hair wrapped like I'm Osama, no conscience
I was born feet first
So many niggas crossed me, so I'm thinking bout me first
Fuck the world, I was blessed with two little girls
So ya'll niggas ain't gotta like me
But fucking with me is unlikely
I'm like the black Christ, until my last day strike me
It's the prophet, nigga

[Hell Razah:]
If God is intelligence, I'm Hannibal riding on elephants
Burn up the body parts, leave no evidence
We build the alter for the head of your presidents
We getting pharaoh's necks like it was Exodus
Warriors of Babylon, threats of atom bombs
Tatted my arms, like Aztecs, Mexican dons
King David wrote my favorite song, when I think of that song
They change faces like the hatred is gone
All the reviews in magazines rated me wrong
Take America to court without supporting Saddam
Shoot at the son of Hitler, while I'm saying Shalom
It's no peace without warfare, you getting my crosshairs
No fear, I wrote this inside your pope's chair
With a cold beer, all of my bars is sincere
Burn L's with the Eloheim's, young Idi Amin
We take money like we see through your jeans
You got a bank card, we'll walk you to the ATM machine
And talk him out his chain, and that watch, and them rings
Been a king since Joseph and modern Egypt
Condoleeza, got me on that silence heaters
Throw a mask on, and ride on ya congress leaders
Black Fenitians that speak English, bless the four regions
We came from continents with God's teachings
We used to trade guns, now we using 'em, the same ones
That was slaves in Jerusalem, I kick the truth for them killas

[Chorus x1.5]

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