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Hell Razah - Verbal Fire текст песни

[Intro: Hell Razah]
GGO, Ghetto Government Official
Uh... what's that? Aiyo Data I'm a body you on this one
Little niggaz tappin' into the chamber
These fake niggaz wanna be me, son
They're tryin' to clone me
Tryin' to clone ya homie
Word, yo, yo...

[Hell Razah:]
It all started with 'Preme
Back in '91, fresh on the scene
Mad Mob was the team of our Red Hook dream
We used to gun sling, get CREAM of a drug fiends
In the hallway, roll weed, the sunflower seeds
Thirteen when I lost my moms
Fourteen I got locked with Twin, we when to Spotford then
Fifteen they took one of my men, that was Glen
In the building, back then my pain began
Trebag had the fame of the pen, he must of seen I could win
I used to break dance, the mad little spins
So he taught me and Sunny to write
Up in my lab late nights, rollin' dice, him, Supreme and Mike
We was live and direct to Da Last Future
For my first rhyme, now 4th my producer
Had a style that my projects wasn't used to
Started hangin' with them drug dealers and them boosters
Up in John J rappin' in school hallway
I got mad ass, even ask Foxy and Gav
Had the hall on smash then I linked with 'Bazz
We used to build, front dash about fuckin' with Wu
Me and 7th did 'Livin' In Hell'
Pressed up independent, not knowin' if the record would sell
Rae' and Ghost made 'Heaven & Hell', when I was hearin' it
Meanwhile we thinkin' it was all coincidence
'Mental Combat', the b-side, style battle rap
I was rated X, next heard 'Meth Vs. Chef'
Not to notice I was snake bitten
Sunz of Man did this track with the RZA 'As It Was Written'
Before Nas came out with 'It Was Written'
Same time 'Verbal Intercourse' started hittin'

[Outro: Hell Razah]
Hahahah... that's what's crackin'
Razah Rubies, young veteran
You know me, son, straight up
Got purple hearts over ya favorite MC
Straight up, y'all niggaz need to rewind that shit
Niggaz, 'bout to 'ttack you with what's in my book for a long time
Check out who I'm talkin' about
We a bunch of crazy-ass niggaz
Yea, smoke that weed...
Yea, you can't fuck with the kid
It's right, little homie
Drink that Grey Goose...

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