Hell Razah Watchin' Me текст песни, слова песни Watchin' Me Hell Razah & Heart, Killah Priest, Timbo King

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Hell Razah - Watchin' Me текст песни

feat. Heart, Killah Priest, Timbo King

[Intro: Killah Priest]
I, Ghetto Jesus, speak to you from the Maccabee Militia
Since 1776...

[Chorus: Killah Priest (Heart)]
When you surfing on your Internet... (nowhere to run)
Or turn on your T.V. set... (nowhere to hide)
On the back of your dollar bill... (all on my own)
Send your boy out to Porter's field (they just gon' watch)
When you talk on your cellular phone... (eyes all around me)
When you think that you all alone... (pausing me)
While you sitting at your job desk... (wherever I go)
Or you in front of your projects... (they are watching me)

[Hell Razah:]
I gotta, threw on my silencer, my hoodie go over my yarmulke
I'm a conquerer, they honor us saints with a harmonica
We sing songs, like the Book of Psalms
Seven stars in our palms, I say shalom
Before I talk to my moms, with Genesis
Tattooed on my arms, my skin bronzed
Woolie hair, don't stare in my eyes, they firey
We the Maccabee dynasty, check our diary
God guiding me, even though, hell is watching me
Satellite's x-raying your life, they know the flavors of rice
At nighttime, hear your prayers to Christ
Watching, got the key to the doors you locking
Who supply all the keys and the guns, you copping
Watching, every move that you make, recorded on tape
This ain't Enemy of the State, they watching
Got channels, with antennas, that catscan us
Looking for the answers of our ancestors
Airports got metal detectors
So I travel in a thought, where they can't catch us...


[Killah Priest:]
Like stares of echo, when I talk, you can see white frost
I be there by your side, when you turn the lights off
I'm like a ghost, no post, that beast in his body
Just the voice of Malcolm X, to Marcus Garvey
To Ennis Cosby, watch me, when inches my eyes see them
Like I'm looking through God's lens, my dark skins turn leopards
My eyes roll back of my head, then I deliver the message...
From the angels to an agent, to the politicians to a prophet
What I write is sacred, it's like man on a stand
And his life that he's faced with, the year '94, month March
Day 14th, I'm somewhere in the park in Fort Greene
Cops they drive past slow, look me dead in my eyes
Like we both know, I'm bout to set a revolt
Checking everybody through weed smoke
This that hood shit, but these niggas will start riots
Talking cocktail bombs, fuck starting a fire
My nigga J.R., knocked down a horse, with police still on it
Smiled, said he do this for sport
We laughed, time passed, and I ain't see him since
Seen no collector's cash, and push weed through a fence
Next thing you know, his body pops up in a ditch
Who did it? Know the cops, but they wouldn't admit... why?


[Timbo King:]
What the eyes see, what the ears hear, the mind believes
Buck at these, I'm running through the P's
Top of the watchtower, overlooking the view
Now anything come through, we chew
Four corner the market, mob the stool, my father's jewel
Fuck the judicial, municipal, I slap bells off of justice face
Supreme Court can't just a case, I got eyes in back of my head
I see the past and the present, before and after my essence
Look, first, I'm a crook, first
Under surveillence, the feds wanna zoom in
At my goon men, who be ruling... yeah
My Militia consist of gorillas and lions
In the pits of the fire, in the middle of Zion
Go to war like David, when he stoned Goliath
In, front of the projects, the phones is wired
Watch you, park your truck, then strip your tires
I see dead people living in a jail inviting
Closed caption, widescreen, R. Kel' with minors
Say cheese, I'm a send his picture over seas
So they can see the same disease, and the air we breath
3D vision, you see them three d's listening
Carpet and son, you see me fishing, free my vision...
Free my vision...


[Outro: Hell Razah]
24 hours, we being recorded on tape
Every move we make... going to get money from the banks
Going to get food out the score
Going to get gas... anything we fucking do right now
Is being recorded...

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