Hell Razah Whips, Gunz & Cash текст песни, слова песни Whips, Gunz & Cash Hell Razah & Timbo & Sharekka

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Hell Razah - Whips, Gunz & Cash текст песни

feat. Timbo & Sharekka

[Timbo King:]
Aiyo, we got dap for sale, back from Hell
Snitches that tat to tale, we stack for bail
Ya'll not fucking with us, cause we got
Po-po, duckin' from us, trucks 'r' us
Feds wanna stop the cash, I smoke mine
'Dro with lots of hash, holla
Hollatotious binaca blast
One punch, knock a nigga out, dead on his ass
Now, how you gon' rap for 106 & Park
I got niggas that sell crack on 106 & Park
Rock and roll, watch these rocks get sold
Five hundred thousand viles, on the block we gold
Hot pipe, burning ya lips, inhaling the shit
You coming back with some furniture, selling the shit
You wanna rap, here's a track, muthafucka
I got gats, g-packs, muthafucka

[Chorus x2: Sharecka]
Whips, guns and cash
Big trucks, stripclubs, bust tons of ass
All my niggas double up, get your money fat
Keep low, high pro, make it double impact, yeah

[Jake Red:]
This one's serious, John 'Bo, king on the track
World Global, Wu-Tang, who fucking with that?
Let's get gully, whips, guns and cash, I stay with a stack
In a six with the gat in the stash
It's Jake Red, the double up master
Ya'll cats better respect the game, before ya ass be Casper
Take it from me, O.G., real live nigga
Ain't shit when it come to that paper, nigga
I'm boss like Steinbrenner, I'm calling the shots
I'm never around but still got dough on the block
Know the streets like the back of my hand, I got Guard U Now
You ain't never heard about, fam
Just stop and then salute, this Brooklyn don
While I get that dough and rock rock on
You know how I do it ain't nothing to it
I just, get on track and run right through it

[Chorus x2]

[Hell Razah:]
I smoke weed til I'm the Green Goblin, got wishes like Baskin Robbins
You can't blow with ice you rocking
You better off with your casket dropping
BK, all day, keep the ratchets popping
Let's start a riot like Watts did, and up in Compton
Burn City Hall with our conscience
It's fucked up, when the judge a convict, and I shall be on some calm shit
Meanwhile, I'm on some suicide bomb, shit
I load my 357 with the pearl handle
I ran through, Cinderellas, with Chanel sandles
Been a king since the Book of Samuel
They say I ride like Bin Laden on top of a camel
Spill a Jack Daniels, Hell Raz', just came to dismantle, campbell
Lose your fanbase, that can't stand you (and want they money back)
Before a deal, I was getting money
25, and I'm still hungry...

[Chorus x2]

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