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Hell Rell - On My Block текст песни

Niggaz acting like they hate me
But on some real shit man they
On mah dick. they be up in these
Clubs like they getting money but
What chu gonna do when I come for
Those bricks.my nigga this is Hell
Rell just got outta jail cell gun
On mah pell pell down to get it
Poppin. just becuz you see me or
Just cause I'm on TV don't think I'm
Not a beast B nigga I will pop you.
I'm from the south bronx mothafucka[? ]
My boy George made millions of the
Obsession dope. I take ova buildings
For the look out on the roof and
Watch the block make a killing.
I'm in the fean house she getting
High in front of the children.I'm in
The back room baggin up like I don't
Givea fuck.gotta move the rest of
These grams so I can the truck. put
24's on it come thru the hood with
My fitted hat low like mothafuckas
Waz good. on my block niggaz don't
Givea fuck if your momz smoke. find
Niggaz that server her if she got
That dough.and she betta have ten
Not not niggaz we got dimes I can
Spit it homie nigga we got rhyme I'm
A bronx bomber love ta tote [? ] I
Get it popin and thas word to my
Mama. how much the beef cost I love
To buy drama. heavy on the neck.
Throw up the set is a ride-byier.
In my block yeah the goons will run
Up in ya mama crib.on my block ya
Own man will tell me where ya mama
Live.papi hold guns behind tha counter
On my block {Hold this papi} is
All about the money and the power
On my block [YUP]. and we got bitches
That's high price and we got some hoez
That will fuck you for some chicken
And fried rice. {Straight smutz} and
These niggaz rappin bout they gunz
But I pop mines man in in the hood
Like mailboxes and stop sings.RIGHT
Here chea dipset bitch.

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