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Hellraza - Last Dayz текст песни

We living in the last days of our lives
Let's change our ways be faithful to our wives
Let's be more giving to these children
Lets try and see different and stop the killing
Empty lots and abandoned buildings
One man gets shot another one loses his feelings
A mother cry and mourn pray for her son healing
May the past be gone the future is here
I'm hoping y'all warned please let this stick in your ear
Try to be more appreciative of what I share
Let this help you get through the storm we're going to be all right
I know one of these days we're going to run into some light
Get the shine we deserve out of life
I've been in line too long struggling putting up fight
For me not to fulfill my dreams and make things right
And give it my all but I know Imma see light before..

[Chorus: x2]
These are the last days of our lives
Let's change our ways be faithful to our wives
Let's be more giving to our children
Lets stop the hurting and start the healing

If it's a way in it's a way out, Mil know
I've been there before day in day out selling blow
24-7, 31 days straight
Me and my 11 on a paper chase
Mind over matter no more pain
I learned from my mistakes and grew older with game
It's hard bit it ain't that bad y'all
We got it good be thankful and stand tall
I found a way to get out the hood
Everyday is another gift I never overstood
It's hard

The harder they come the harder they fall
It's hard, it's hard


My flesh stay in some hater's teeth
God why the choose to backbite me?
Respect is a way of life
And death to the cowards that murdered my parents and Mike
I'm a Don and y'all pawns
Makaveli lives on dog
Sp does Kadafi in our songs
It's a message in every one
So it's lesson to be learnt, with every gun
Parents ain't concerned cause nowadays kids start out young
And they work they're way up earn stripes become numb
Instead of flipping burgers they're committing murders
Listen to Mil I got a plan to take this thing over
Organizations to build snatching my people out the hood that's hurting
Do some soul searching
Change the mind and heart
Of a very jealous person I'm playing my part
Before I go I've got to leave my legacy and my mark


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