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Heltah Skeltah - Ape Food

feat. The Representativez

You better wise up, times up, competition gets sized up
When I bust, I crush every single thing I touch
So get your grind up, foes get lined up
Rewind up, tied up, fronting and get your eyes shut
We stay alert and niggas know it's affirmative
These young wack journalists, flipping, get on some murder shit
Ain't nothing permanent, nigga you know who turn it is
It's the alternative, I'll street verbalist
Kick ass, take names, cock back, then take aim
Supreme on my A-Game, I spit heat, spray flames
So watch how you say things, you cats better maintain
Come back like the A train, clap at your main plains

You muthafuckas know me
You green like frog, but no F-R, just O-G
I'm R-O-C-K Ness monster, the chest stomper
The skit blonger, that nigga just bonkers
Dress warm in the summer time, that's just heat on my waist
Careful you, open the other, it'll be heat in your face
Keep it in place, bong, die when the sket burst, hit cha
Roll deeper than them Verizon network niggas
Can you hear me now? D.I.R.T. and the Reps hurt niggas pride
Well them bird niggas ride, now them herbs get ya nine mills
And killas, I'm gorilla
They think they banans, well fine I'll peel ya

[Chorus: Rock]
Finally, about time, something you can hate to
Hate to, two step, frown up your face too
Nobody dance around, acting all playful
Fuck outta here, this is muthafucking ape food, flame you

[Sean Price:]
Listen, I will end your life, man
With a knife, but tonight I will Kimbo Slice fam
Catch me hopping out the hot truck
Cold stares, no fear, knock 'em out the box, Ruck
Murder a man when I blam the chrome, but I can
Roberto Durang you, the hands of stone, fuck it
It don't matter to me, capital P
Independent rapper, trafficking to package your D
Listen, I clap you with the weapon, yeah
Receive shells well, the immaculate reception
Accurate, I smack you with a rap and get to stepping
Before you face to face with a Black Smif-n-Wessun, P

[Lidu Rock:]
Aiyo, I'm back in this bitch like a nigga never left though
I'm still hammer handling, shotty will blow ya chest off
Started where we left off and I leave you where you finish, kid
You dinner plate, murder you monkeys where them gorillas at
Now where them killas at, wind 'em all up
Flip a county, pop a nigga face, line 'em all up
Yeah, listen, I put the metal to you herbs
The combination is heavy, it's like it's heroine and herb
I'm a devil with the bird, you niggas just like to talk and flash
Soft packing nigga for stunting and let it spark his ass
This is the Dirtyville, nigga, not the dirty south
We still get it rocking with choppers and let them birdies out


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