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Heltah Skeltah - Caca Gosa Vixen текст песни

Recent studies have shown, that for every hype MC, there are approximately 14.3, wack, fake, bitch ass, semi-feminine, wanna be hard, carbon copy, chumpin, thievin, bitin ass, furthermore unacceptably doo doo MC's.

Break off!
When the Ruck ripping the stage
My nickel gauge rip your Face Off like Nicholas Cage
Fuck the front page nigga
I need the main article
On how me and my crew blew niggas brains into particles
So don't start if you can't
Cuz I'll be sure to end it, whatever you created
I hate it when the MC blow up like a helium balloon
But soon to be deflated
Cuz my niggas ain't feeling your tunes

[Illa Noyz]
Apparently you found it hard to listen
Behind your squads enlistment(???)
Run through my rendition
Found it hard and hittin
Pounding rods and fission
In troubled waters I'm gonna
Fishing to show you some of your people fell short of
Doing how we do, lethal
Off of marijuana
Yo I think I'm gonna
Let it fall (?????) you
On the one twos
Illa cut through crews like an L-O-U-I-E
Respect you don't try me
When next you open your eyes
You see your moms bedside
And (In?) I-C-U
Like I was supposed to in the first place
Don't be rolling the dice in the street
Life if you donate (???)
Nigga your place
Is to back the fuck up now

Hey yo, my shits cock diesel (????)
Like Lou Ferrigno
Egg those bitches,
Send them to son, he might stick those
When I rip shows, rip flows, blown out proportion
When I battle baby
I take niggas out like abortion
You know me as the Rock, or Alcatraz
The Bummy Jab, out to smash and kick a bone out your ass
You don't have to ask
Ask Illa Noyz or Sean Price man
I know we nice, but you ain't Mike Tyson,
Stop bitin

[Illa Noyz]
The evidence is substantial
I dismantle
My jams aim like plans devised up by Hanibal
Fact of rude, got a bad attitude like Baraccus
Stopping up preposterous acts before they off us
Swift like dolphins
And with my shark fins,I develop a sharpness
To flip this science to an art bitch
Careful and cautious
That's how you need to be
I immediately bust your shit repeatedly

Hey, yo yo yo
Some other day some nigga told me send him some new shit
So I shitted in a box and mailed it to his crib
Just fuckin with y'all, now let's get to bumpin
Niggas was loud but face to face you're saying nothing
Quiet like I pushed the mute button
You're frontin
All of a sudden you got heart like you saw the wizard
Rockin the butters?
I'll take it, it goes with biscuits
Bummy's the state of my mind when I beef shit
Even though I got 2 whips and chains like your freak bitch

Hey yo
I used to get angry and all uptight
You can say what you want, just spell my name right
S-E-A-N, P to the R
I-C-E, nigga there ain't no tomorrow
Who want drama?
Fuck I look like an actor?
Cuz when I slap you that something more shit pictures can't capture

Take a picture of that motherfucker!
Click click
You see nobody can fuck with my MFC, word is bond,
Wanna be down with me
Place to be is down with me
You could never fuck with my MFC bitch

[Illa Noyz]
Peep the working mans who don feelum
For ya patra niggas I lump ya
I feel you to close to my bumpa
I don't think you wanna
Confront the shit you unda
Once the do the one you unda
Instead we crash shit like thunda

Remember I be
In the mood to get in my own hobby
Leaving innocent niggas dead on the street like Ennis Cosby
Where will I be in a year or two?
Probably locked up in Clearview in Tier 2
It appears you ain't ready for me so I dare you
Come through with the one twos, and the big Ruck'll tear through
But I spare you
Cuz I don't wanna come near you
I swear you niggas be coming out the ?????

That's my word
All y'all Fruit Roll Ups
This is a hold up
Ain't nothing funny, stop smiling
Still nobody jab like the Bummy
You become evicted
Our mission, win your departure
If the Price is Right
My burner turn to Bob Barker
You are the next contestant
To get that ass split like pea soup in eighteen sections????
When I'm done wetting
To see if you resting with hoes
None of you pimps wanna be a player no more like Joe
Word is bond!

Caca Gosa Vixen!
Caca Gosa Vixen!
Fuck y'all niggas!
Caca Gosa Vixen!
Caca Gosa Vixen!
Fuck y'all niggas! That's my word!

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